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    Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

      I tried to play some BO2 today, jumped on some lobbyes , but all players using LMG +target finder? whats up guys ? you need glasses ? treyarch needs to do something about this problem , they are just camping in corners using that freaking target finder, is this the COD you want to play ? target finders are for noobs people ... I thought you guys are PRO !


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          Use Coldblooded.

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            worthless , used coldblooded

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              Then whose the noob again?  If you used the one perk that completely disables the TFs effect and you found it worthless then the real problem is that you got owned.  The attachment had nothing to do with it.  So let me ask your question again.  Is this the CoD that you want to play?  One where people move around the map with no idea whatsoever how to aim, shoot, and stay alive?  The short and truthful answer is yes.  They make for easy kills.  So next time you are online, do yourself a favor.  Pick up an LMG, put a TF on it and even put Hardwired on so that they can't disable your TF with an EMP.  Then go sit in a corner and see if you can figure out how others manage to move around the map and still kill you with your "unfair" setup.  Then maybe you'll learn what you did wrong.

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                Did you ever use player controlled killstreaks in MW2 and MW3?

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                  I wont pretend like it doesn't get to me sometimes, but the only reason it does is because I have to do things I normally may not, like being more corner conscience or picky with my routes until I convince them what they are doing isn't working.  When you come across those who sit at a head glitch, or make their own with a riot sheild (haha), I like to have fun with it now.  I usually will get creative with a cooked grenade ( throw it over houses, bounce it off walls, other fun stuff etc.  I personally don't think they should have put them in the game, but THEY DID, so you have to deal with it , and like a few other things, you must adapt.  If you don't change as some other things do, you may cease to be a thing.  Summed up in more reasonable terms:  you have to deal with it.  Learn how to play through it, and if you cant, or break things in trying, then play around it.

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                    Or, even better, play League Play as it is banned there.  I mean if players hated on it that much then that is an alternative.  I like how much people complain about the TF and not the MMS, which is a wall-hack.

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                      Lol the MMS is nowhere near as effective as it sounds, its range is so low that usually youll hear them before it picks them up.

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                        I dunno.  I don't bother trying to listen for footsteps in this game and I had a few good games with the MMS last I played.  If there is a map with small dark rooms, like in Yemen, then it appears to be pretty useful.  May be I had good games with it but the principle of being a wall-hack is still there.  I'd rather have entrance to buildings and rooms that were brighter and larger so it makes the MMS redundant.  I imagine rush planters in S&D will use Scavenger ahead of Cold Blooded and I've seen footage of the MMS picking up non-CB users from a fair distance.

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                          Target Finders will hardly be the reason you die. Target finder is only going to give you away where the user can't see you is if you are head glitching or a far distance away, but LMGs are long range weapons. This is why you probably don't see many MP7s with Target Finder. It's just an excellent pairing.


                          It boggles my mind how people will yell at me "OH YOU ONLY KILLED ME CUZ U HAD TARGET FINDER" Uhh no, you ran across my field of vision, of course I ******* noticed you there.


                          Most of the time, the Target Finder will just be a futuristic Red Dot Sight

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