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    What's next for CoD Zombies?

           So I think its safe to say Treyarch has come a looong way with their zombies maps. Just remember back to Nacht Der Untoten, where the map consisted of not much more than a couple barren rooms, and a couple guns. Treyarch has come quite a long way indeed.


           So what's next? Of course there's always more they can do with Zombies, but I'm really hoping they make a zombies game that has a real, present story to it. For instance: what if they had a main story mode Zombie campaign? And they could have the survival mode as well. I just would really like to see a Zombies Campaign.

      What if they made an all-zombies game, with a zombies campaign, and then the survival maps like the ones we have now, with hidden easter eggs and all that. That would be pretty awesome.

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          They did a pretty good job this game and hopefully they learned a lot about what people want and don't want in a zombie map. As far as the story goes, I feel they really dropped the ball this time around. I guess it's my own opinion but it seemed very anti-climactic. And the payoff for the easter eggs was again pretty much useless.


          If they would have made the reward for taking the time to complete the easter eggs epic, it would have made completing them more fun and worth while. The effort:reward ratio seems very skewed.


          I guess the story's shortcomings weren't really the fault of treyarch. I'm sure they had an outline of how the story was going to go and then when the community cried for the old characters back, treyarch listened and in doing so had to rewrite the ending into the third map and thus cutting the climax short to make room for a last minute prequel.


          I hope that BO3 comes out and it has another great iteration of the zombies story. I would love for a standalone game but since that won't happen I'll be happy if they just keep the mode alive.

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              I hope that Treyarch continues the story they've started (new crew continuing their trek through the zombie apocalypse, perhaps old crew teleporting off the moon and starring in new map releases, or even having them meet up as the story progresses).


              Honestly, I don't care that the Origins ending cutscene painted the story as being games between Eddie and Sam. Everything still happened the way it happened, regardless. Plus, the cutscene doesn't 100% mean that it's nothing more than the imagination of 2 kids. Who's to say that their game isn't really happening in an alternate dimension? Farfetch'd? Yes. But so is the idea that it was all just a game in the first place. In any case, there's nothing that says they have to continue off that cutscene, or make anything of it past what it is right now.


              Overall, I guess I just hope they don't feel compelled to scrap everything and everyone up to this point just because of that horrible cutscene.

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                LordOfDaZombiez a écrit:


                They did a pretty good job this game and hopefully they learned a lot about what people want and don't want in a zombie map. As far as the story goes, I feel they really dropped the ball this time around. I guess it's my own opinion but it seemed very anti-climactic. And the payoff for the easter eggs was again pretty much useless.



                So what exactly did player want or not? I read this forums for months, and i think the game shouldn't have anything in em exept An-94, PaP, and Zombies... I liked the bank idea to a certain extend, i like the buildable (like on buried, alot of em), i liked the EE (exept for tranzit). The reward for EE isn't great? Exept for tranzit and MotD, the rest is ok. All perk on DR and Buried, An elemental fists (lvl 35 1 shot fist) and the best place to train zombies on Origins, that is enough for me, i didn't need the 9 perks even if they gave em to me... I'm one of those that didn't hate the Origins Ending like others did, it actually open so many doors to get the story onward, it was not the perfect ending everyone hoped for, but it was a great ending when you take the time to look outside the box Remove the bank, gimme more buildable (no trample-steam lmao), get a hold on glitchers and it will be perfect, maybe add a Zombie Campaign (I never played Bo2 Campaign, not sure i'll play Zombie Campaign but w/e), gimme more EE's that dosen't reward players with all the perk (even when you die), but instead give us something to get to higher rounds (elemental fists ). Make more maps like Origins (hard but not too hard when you get used to it) and i'll be happy. Please stop making zombie a child game, make it HARD so the kids leave this game alone.


                Luv ya Treyarch, keep doing great zombies experiences

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                    Die Rise EE isn't worth it. Yes you get all perks but only until you get down, then you lose them. Might as well just buy 4 of the perks and just wait for the jumping crawlers to come as by the time you get to the third round of the jumping crawlers you'll already have all the perks.

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                  THey just need to make an all out zombie game. Zombie Campaign, Zombie survival, Zombie arcade(like greif etc.), and finally An open zombie world mode like GTA where the entire city is destroyed and you and 7 other people have the whole city to do whatever you want.

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                    They should get Sly, Arnie and the other casts of The Expendables to do a version like COTD.

                    Now there will be some entertaining punchlines.

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                      They should also name it as Call of Duty: 115 and feature the story of Richtofen and Maxis as the campaign.

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                        CRAZY IDEA nikolai, dempsey, takeo and sam have to undo what richtofens done by revisiting all of the maps again. only now the world has been baked to a golden brown by the 115 missles from moon. I know it sounds stupid and i would never expect it to happen but just take a second and imagine that, every previous map, just they're all torn apart opening up new areas and stuff.


                        to answer the original question, I feel (and really hope) they've learned what we a players don't want in zombies. they did good starting out with W@W and did great continuing in BO1. then dropped down pretty far in BO2. They had good ideas (from what ive read on here) that they couldnt follow through with for one reason or the other. However on the new consoles I hope those restraints wont cause as big a problem. (unless they decide to release the next game on both current and next gen-consoles)

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                          Most likely Zombies has a chance on coming back. Also it's likely it can taken place in the same storyline (remember when we blew up the moon? If they had to they could've ended right there but they decided to continue it). But then again they could've end it with Origins (cause most things ends with the prequel that tells us from the beginning right?). Me I am excited a little about the next Treyarch game, they messed up a lot in this game from fans of BO and WaW Zombies (including me). So how will they pull this one off?

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                            Honestly I will be happy with new maps when the next 3arc CoD comes out. A standalone of any kind would be awesome tho.


                            If there is anything I hope they improve on its the leader boards. The BO2 leader boards are a slight improvement because 2 players cant get credit for a 4 man round high. But if me and 2 dudes get to a new high round after someone quits I still want credit for the 3 man round high.


                            Also, I hope they make the neccessary things like PaP not such a nuisance so that if players like me just want to get down and bust out rounds we can. Sure, the more complicated PaP makes it a tad harder to PaP mid round but the extra challenge isnt worth it due to how much longer it can make a game drag out. If I am playing Zombies I want to kill zombies not repeat the same go and fetch mission.

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                              It wouldn't be hard (from a technical standpoint) for Treyarch to do a Zombies only game, with a side game of survival.

                              I on the other hand, would not like them to start fresh, I want to play through all the old maps, story wise with more to explore and more to learn, there are too many unanswered questions still left for them to just start fresh.


                              I started playing zombies because it was at first, something to kill time and a reason to keep playing W@W. From there it grew into it's own monster, packing all the story elements that you had to DIG for. There are plenty of times I've met players of zombies in real life, who had good scores, but had little to no idea that there was any kind of story to the mode, I always liked that.


                              Now, it's just focused on "easter eggs". And to call them EEs now are almost laughable because of how blatantly obvious that there are always going to be side missions in theses maps, "side missions" not "easter eggs".


                              I could fill this post up with more text than most of you are used to reading, but I wont. Most of you know and have already heard most of it before. IF they were to get rights to make a zombies only title, it would be a sign of the Black ops (or future Treyarch COD titles) taking a dive. In order for a zombies game to be even a possibility, it would only be to salvage what they could from a failing franchise.


                              Not to say they are failing, it's just more people in general tend to lean towards an Infinity Ward campaign or the multiplayer experience, and I have to agree, with the exception of BO1's campaign-that was my all time favorite.


                              So maybe something to think about is, do you like zombies so much that you would give up having Treyarch made MP and campaign? Imagine all the sales they generate just from zombie fans, I know I only bought BO2 for the intention of playing zombies. It's a little silly but over a year of owning it and I still can't make myself get through the campaign...it's all about zombies for me still, so yes I could trade the possibility of a BO3, or a BO 4 for a Zombie only title made by Treyarch.


                              So just imagine those numbers BO2 got just from zombie fans, and subtract it from their next game, it would be the nail in the coffin for non zombie Treyarch.

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                                I think that if they made a open world zombie game like not a whole world but like a city like new york or something. It would be so fun i would play it non stop me and my mates are always talking about this, It would be so fun you can upgrade your person customize him/her you could be stealthy so you dont get caught and you can play co op onine with your friends i think 6 per lobby so you can play with your friends. Administrator treyarch @DavidVonderhaar

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                                  I'm hoping for some better side game modes than Turned and Grief, honestly those game modes sucked. They need something that changes up the game but not so much that it makes it not feel like Zombies anymore. I think pacing is key for this, Grief was too slow-paced and Turned was too fast-paced. My idea is an Infected type mode where there are 8-players, normal zombies that come NOT in waves (similar to Area 51), and when a player is killed he becomes a zombie that is slightly more powerful and faster than a normal zombie.

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                                    I liked what Treyarch did with Mob of the Dead and Five; throwing in actual people and actors.  It made playing with them HILARIOUS. Going along those lines I'm thinking an arena zombies map with Rose, Durant, LeBron, and Kobe (or older guys like Barkley, Jordan, Magic, and Bird). You better believe I'd pay for that.  Haha and maybe a a psych ward map with Miley, Spears, Lohan, and Paris. It'd be more expensive, but man, would that be awesome.  I need me some more zombies this year...