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    Why is everybody searching...

      For a zombie clan, when the game has "ended", and so alot of people go play other ****?

      But because there are people looking, i will take adventage of the oppertunity.

      I have a clan on elite for both Multi and zombies, but since a few months my focus is more on zombies, and earlier today i kicked almost all people from the clan, because they don't play anymore. So there for we're taking applications again.


      So if your looking for a zombie clan and have an elite account, send your application to HorrorOnMind.

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          Re: Why is everybody searching...

          You should include any specific eligibility requirements for your clan.

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            Re: Why is everybody searching...

            To be clear from the start, Grindbakkes is my other account, i was logged in on the wrong account when i made this topic.


            But requirements for the clan:


            - PS3

            - You have to be a active player (minimum of once a week)

            - We prefer a rank of skull or higher, but we will take one and two bones if they either just started with an new account, or just started playing.

            - In case your not really good at playing zombies, two bones can still send an application, with one condition, that you listen to the other players, so you'll rank up.

            - You don't glitch or hack or whatever

            - Don't troll people from the clan (so no emp's to each other's box and that kind of ****), what you do to other people, i don't care.

            - And not to discriminate, but you can't be French or German. With the simple reason, that most French and german people play selfish, and usually refuse to speak  english.

            - And if it wasn't clear above: You have to speak english or dutch.

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              Re: Why is everybody searching...

              You are right the game has ended and participation is dwindeling in the game mode, that's why clans are important. So people who want to play have a pool of people to join up with. Why post that you don't know why people are making clans and then go ahead and do it yourself? It makes no sense.


              As there are less zombie players out there now an more clans on the rise, perhaps you would be better off trying to join an existing clan to help them grow. Everyone knows that bigger clans stay alive longer. Every small clan that attempts to come together usually disbands in a matter of months. If you hope to stand a chance, get a website up and running. And don't put restrictions on applications based on Geographic location. If members don't want to speak the language that your clan is founded in they wont last long anyway.


              "Not to discriminate, but you can't be French or German... Most French or German people play selfish..." That sentence sounds like your discriminating bro. How are you going to say that the population of an entire country has the same play style. Everyone is different and the sooner you understand that, the sooner you will be a better leader.

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                  Re: Why is everybody searching...

                  My abillities to be a leader has nothing to do with the reason why i do or don't accept people.

                  And there is nothing racist and nothing discriminating about what i said.

                  Go and join public lobbies for 1 day, and you'll see for yourself that MOST (so i don't say all of em) French and german guys will play selfish, if they want to play with you to begin with. Because whenever i join public lobbies, about 90% of the time, a French guy will join the lobby, that starts yelling: Francais? And if they don't get an  answer or when there is no other French guy in the lobby, he will leave. Whenever there is another French guy in the lobby, they won't stop talking during the game, but they will only talk French. When you try to start a conversation in english, they'll say that they can't speak english.


                  With german people it's almost the same.

                  So no, i'm still not saying that they are all the same, but MOST of them are exactly like the things i just said, so if that makes me a racist and ****...

                  Then go ahead and have your opinion, and i keep my opinion, if you don't like it, i don't care.

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                      Re: Why is everybody searching...

                      Well I have had the exact opposite of you seen as my best friends are German that speak very little English , I met them via a random lobby  , and because they couldn't speak much English we did the respectable thing and both started learning the opposite language , it seems to me that you are against anyone that doesn't speak English , which is a stuck up thing , and I wouldn't see why anyone would want to join your clan

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                        Re: Why is everybody searching...

                        Lord is right. I used to find public lobbies like it was nothing but now, I'm having to have randoms pick me up or I pick them up and we keep searching for people with mic's until we get 4 people picked up and play only to have one person rage probably after 30 minutes or less of times spent in game or them having to go or them disconnecting. That's why people are searching for clans because there, it will be organized and it will be easier to separate the people who rage, have to go, or etc from the people you can rely on to have a good game with. If you're so opposed and astonished by why people are doing this, why did you yourself make one for the very same purpose of your curiosity? I've played with every single race I can think of. I play public matches more than anything so I've met my fair share of people from different races including France and German. It's like you saying you don't allow black people in your clan because "their voice is too deep or their always rapping." or saying you don't like Asians or Hispanics because "their always speaking with an annoying accent." And why is it so bad if two foreign people wan't to have a conversation with someone who speaks the same language? Do you know how hard it is to find another foreign person speaking the SAME language as you in a PUBLIC LOBBY? 90% of this game that I've encountered with have been american or English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom and speaking English. If they leave before you start the game, why do you care? At least they didn't leave during the game.

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                      Re: Why is everybody searching...

                      Im Sure theyd say the same about you.

                      THe smart thing would be to have people in your clan that speak french/english,spanish/english,german/english etc. to help out those that cannot speak the same language.


                      If a PERSON is good at zombies it doesnt matter if they are a different race or have a mic, since when does that say whos good or not.


                      Download a translater app, thats what i did, so you can learn to communicate with them. (English is one of the hardest language to learn so dont expect them to do so)


                      You are not a Good leader, and I (speaking english) would not join your clan.

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