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    Issues with balck ops 2

      I have played COD games long enough to know all the problems with each
      game and Black Ops 2 is By far the worst cod made. Worst for connection
      problems, can't keep a party together, if one drops you have to reset
      the whole party for them to join back, and then you have to wait
      20 or 30 seconds for reconnecting to party which it NEVER reconnects,
      My list of problems with weapons. They have nerfed assault rifles,
      nerfed smg's and only thing left that will get a kill is lmg's and
      pistols. They should only put single shot pistols in the game,
      the b23 and kap40 is way to overpowered. the lmg's will out quickdraw
      a smg, that should be slowed down. They cater the game just for
      camping, ie. target finder's bouncing betties, shock charges.
      My thought's on balancing the target finder, make it only show up
      players that are in dark areas. My thoughts on camping, If someone
      camps for more than 5 or 6 seconds the game says coward detected
      and puts him on the radar like a Vsat. My thoughts on rage quitting,
      if they do it twice in 60 minutes give them a 20 minute ban and add 10
      minutes each time after.