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    Why buy Ghost if MW3 is being hacked??


      To anyone at IW or Activision,


      Why should I purchase Ghost if you won't support MW3 until your next installment is released?  There is an invisibility/god mode that is RUINING search and destroy on the PS3.  Are you or are you not going to patch this?  If it isn't patched by the time Ghost comes out, I will NOT be purchasing that title and no more IW releases...and that's a shame.  I have over 60 days played on MW2 and almost 50 on MW3.  Hell, I would still be playing MW2 if you guys would stop the hacking...Please answer this question....

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          MW2, W@W, and BO1 are hacked and full of cheaters. You really expect Hactivision to do something about MW3?

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            To be honest with you, I don't think 1 or 2 people who don't buy the game will affect them much. Also, I haven't noticed anything like that, and I've been playing a lot recently. As for the MW2 issue, the game is so old by now that they really can't be bothered to patch it just before Ghosts. Speaking of Ghosts, it's going to be a whole new game, so you won't have to worry about hackers as much as with MW2 or even Black Ops. I'm not saying they won't be around, but honestly, that's the problem with online gaming. So, if you really want to boycott Call of Duty, go ahead.

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                Worry about hackers?


                Sorry but Ghosts will be PC dedicated - that means it will be much easier to hack.
                And as we know so far this game will end up like MW3 after 2 years.

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                    PC dedicated? It's going to be on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One as well. Each of those platforms are going to have their own servers, just like all the previous Call of Duty titles with multiplayer. Part of the fun of PC is to modify games, but it is not ethical to do so. If anything, it would be easier to fix hacks on PC servers, because there wouldn't be the issue of porting the modified server coding to PlayStation/Xbox. As for the "This game will end up like MW3 after 2 years" bit, there will be a new game out in two years. Personally, I haven't seen any hackers in MW3, aside from some people who might have aimbots, but ask me about MW2 and I'll tell you it's no longer enjoyable. MW3 is doing much better than previous titles, so that's an obvious sign that Activision and Infinity Ward are improving their security and coding. Basically, all of the people complaining about hackers haven't seen the trend of improvement over time. It's getting better, trust me.

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                        I would play MW1 and MW2 TODAY if there weren't hackers anymore, but the lack of support it's not able anymore to play this games. Means I've to always buy the newest Games of CoD to play a HACK free game.


                        But 60 Euros for a only Multiplayer game (sorry, but I don't buy CoD games just for the Singleplayer modes, I guess most of the people don't) is just too expensive and it holds just for max. 2 years.


                        CoD has a big community and a lots of stupid hackers, I know. My advice is: only sell the multiplayer part for 30-40 Euros. Much more attractive for people like me.


                        But people will buy it anyway. As every year.

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                            Well, maybe I misunderstood at least part of your argument, because looking at your last couple of sentences, you seem to understand supply and demand. If people will pay 60, they sell for 60. While I may be American, I'm pretty sure you could make 60 Euros within a day's work, because I know over here that 60 dollars would take about 9 hours at minimum wage. So, it's not too bad when you factor in that it is a "sometimes" purchase and would easily be covered if you budget well the rest of the time.


                            As for the problem of hackers on MW1 and MW2, that's what I meant when I said they aren't enjoyable. Problem is, if they tried to support every single title for the rest of eternity, that would take the attention away from keeping new games hack-free. So, as time went on, their workforce would be spread so thin that every game would be full of hackers, and there would be nothing they could do about it.


                            P.S. I thoroughly enjoy Single Player in pretty much every game. I guess I'm just part of the smaller demographic...:P

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                                Thanks for your reply,


                                well as a European u can earn 60 Euros within a day easily, the point is about the value. I love good story lines and a great singleplayer mode! But for me CoD hasn't a good one (don't forget it's only my opinion).


                                CoD has a great Multiplayer, the exp. system is far the best ones on shooter games. I like to rank me and my weapons up. But is it really worth it for 60 Euros? Offering the DLC map packs for free would really make it attractive.

                                I'm not a hater, just showing my 2 cents.

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                                    Well, personally I think 60 Euros is dumb. They actually charge you more than Americans because they can't be bothered to convert prices, and instead use a flat rate.


                                    The reason I like CoD singleplayer, especially the MW line, has to do with my family history more than anything. We've served in the military for 200 years, so I like to play them and imagine that the reality was actually as fantastic as in the game, seeing as the stories I've heard from family are so depressing and bland.


                                    Other than that, I would say the SP is pretty dumb if you look at it logically. If you allow yourself to become immersed in the fantasy, though, it's pretty fun.

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                          I concur. I have noticed this problem all to well on the PlayStation 3. I report them in the hopes that Infinity Ward will work on it. But ultimately I find it very improbable that the company will do anything to fix it.