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    Guitar Hero 3

      Hello everyone, My name is Nisha NVLAHMIDORIMYGIRL on here and Teeuno1 on online Guitar Hero 3.  Not a lot of play invites for that series and as much as I would love to play GH Warriors of Rock online I do not have a guitar I just play with the ps3 controller.  Not too bad for being guitar-less at the moment if I must add, I've only been playing again for a month and I'm Medium-Expert right now.  I'd love to online play with anyone who is willing (guitar hero 3 of course cus that's the only one I can play until I figure out how to change the lead to guitar and not mic.)  Any-who! I'm usually on between 7pm and 2am (PST) on the weekends playing my fav songs so if you'd like to join me look for Teeuno1 online.  FULL INVITE lol.  Thank you