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        40. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

        I assume you have 15 years old ? this game is 18+

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          41. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

          It's not?  I'm thinking of the Champions playlist on it that copy the rules of MLG and all that stuff because I'm sure it's banned by the competitive scene.  Either way, if people hate it that much they could just not play I guess.

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            42. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

            Commando lunge was overrated.  It was a good way to annoy players with but Ninja outclassed everything in its perk including Commando.


            The issue of having a shape around your character is the same with MW2 killstreaks and you were required to use Cold Blooded to stop that from happening.  I've survived a lot of a deaths from player controlled streaks in MW3 when I ran Blind Eye.  The only issue I think with the TF is if it's too popular it outclasses a lot of other attachments but that has already happened anyway.

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              43. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

              When u said it was i thought it was a new restriction they added;however, neither mosh-pit nor championship have it restricted.......


              Honestly Black ops 2 is basically over with sono other nerfs or fixes will be done to this game.........Itz a lot of dumb **** in this game the best way to cope with it, is to laugh about it, keep it going, and dont allow little things like that throw you off your game........


              Itz a video game not a real based FPS....

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                44. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                Honestly out of any of the COD games Ninja Pro was the best perk out and still is now... If you were to put Ninja pro on BO2 and put against Awareness, I bet you wouldn't hear any footsteps...Dead Silence on BO2 is an insult to Ninja Pro all together, all you need is awareness and you can hear anybody.......


                Everyone has a reason to not like a Certain COD....

                MW2 was the painpills,commando, and OMA+Tubes<-------the major reasons;however, MW2 was the most simplest COD to play.. Where you didnt need to have on 2-3 perks to be invisible, but still wasnt invisible to Sentry's on BO2 for example... Cold Blooded Pro+ Ninja Pro, you good to go point blank period.....

                BO2 have several reasons to why people complain about it, such as: certain attachments,certain guns, the head-glitching although Head-glitching is in every COD game;however, it's the most used in BO2.......

                MW3 ok ok ok Lets be real it was just terrible for more than enough reasons to only name a few.......

                Black Ops- Cant really say anything about it, cuz I never played it........


                I seen someone say something about painpills/juggernaut that mostly everyone used on both BO and MW2;nevertheless, those same 2 perks is the Toughness perk on BO2 that everyone uses.. I mean at least those that used painpills on MW2 is only lasted for 8 seconds, not the whole entire game like it do on BO2......


                Me personally advice is to laugh it off and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree with me or not about what I said, doesnt matter to me, the truth is the truth on any given day

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                  45. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                  I believe in BO1 the most vocally complained about perk was Ghost and a lot of people believed it was more used than it was, like the most used perk in the game.  3arc then told us the most tier 1 perk was Lightweight.  I suspect the only reason why TF gets near as much hate as it does is because people are refusing to have a class other than Toughness and/or Scavenger in it.  Some of these players, who spam C4s, are the reason why Flak Jacket is always on my classes.  Toughness is a bigger help in winning gunfights as it reduces flinch by 75% than anything else in the game.  Even Hardened in BO1 was never this good.

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                    46. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                    People need to realize at the end of the day, its just a game and those people that uses Target Finder more then other, just do uses....Hell Looking at COD: Ghosts and it may be worse than BO2, just looking at what I been seeing and hearing about it;especially the being able to have up to 12 perks and so forth... I enjoyed the game more when they kept it simple and lefted it at 3 perks no choice for 6 perks and so forth......


                    Forgive me for being ol fashion;however, I liked COD games that are about the gunplay not the fance perks and attachments I can put on my gun... Thatz just me, a lot of people hated MW2 for certain things;however, despite those things it was the best one in my opinion

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                      47. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                      MW3 kinda started the expansion of several perks with Proficiencies.  Focus and Range in MW3 are basically Toughness and Long Barrel in BO2.  A lot of the perks are stripped down so I kinda like it.  There were perks in MW3 where I didn't want all of the benefit of, like Marksman Pro was useless for anyone other than snipers.  Do you need to hold breath when using an AR?  Nope.  Ghosts will probably boil down to: Off The Grid, Wire Tap, Ping and Takedown.

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                        48. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                        Nope it is not banned on champions in LP. the Fal is though and c4/betty/rpg/gl.. but go figure mms/tf/rs/db/sf are not.. yet it is balanced and competitive...

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                          49. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                          I don't know why the OP thinks the TF is a good attachment on LMGs. Primary Gunfighter is FAR more powerful than any sight attachment you can put on an LMG. If you do have to go with a sight attachment on an LMG, the Dual Band is infinitely better than the TF. I might run an RDS on an LMG from time to time trying to get some head shots, but the TF on an LMG is a wasted attachment.


                          If your opponents are using TF on an LMG? You should be glad they are.


                          Primary Gunfighter + Grip + FMJ + Ext Mags + Scavenger???  =  human sentry gun.

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