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    Need to ask ??

      Ok please don't get mad at me but I am looking for a FPS game with female skins and it must be able to handle my screen resolution. After a few years of BF3 and finding out yet again another BF game will not have female skins I am done. I just cant do the all boyz thing anymore. Yes I do know the game being stable is way more important but I find this all male skin crap very unfair to female gamers. It just feels very sexist to me and I am to old to deal with the only boyz club. My view on it is ... if I pay for a game and want to play in a female skin then I should be able to  and yes I want a hit box the same as a male skin.

      I started to pc game in quake 2 and it had female skins so did q3 and also q4 if I recall correct. And so did all the UT games have female skins and yet in 2013 I cant find a fps game with female skins. Ok I found one but the female skin look more like eye candy for a 13 year old boy then a real female solder. So what I want yup a war game with a real female solder not a 13 year old boys eye candy lol. Does COD Black Ops 2 have this and can it handle my screen resolution? If not can anyone tell me a game I can look at? Female gamer sick of all the sexist crap in 2013


      Samsung Md230x3 Screen resolution 5760 X 1080

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          Black Ops II does not have female soldiers. However, Call of Duty: Ghosts will include female soldiers.


          Black Ops II does not support spanning multiple monitors. Official PC specs for Ghosts have yet to be released so I am unable to address your resolution compatibility for that game.


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            As the above player stated, I believe they made it pretty clear that Ghosts will be including female skins.

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              at least you know your friends are not sexist....get ghost and have fun......should have happened a long time ago however not too many girls were here...that admitted to being girls or women.....just the way it goes...good post by the way

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                Infinity Ward is finally not being sexist with Ghosts. It has female skins....which look like real people not eye candy. (I'm a boy, not a girl btw.)

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                    Thank you so much for the info you guys I know my female skin issue may seem silly to some people but when I found out the one token female in BF4 in single player was not even a skin I could put on in single player I was done with BF games and got a refund for my BF4 . I just cant give my $$$ to a game so sexist in 2013.

                    I am very grateful ghost will have female skins / female solders way over due in FPS war games. I will start to Google the female skins in ghost as this I have to see I just hope the game can do my screen resolution as well as I could never get COD MW3 to work even with a wide screen fixer so I only played it 5hrs over the years My husband says its due to its a old game but I do have older games my screen res works with without wide screen fixer so I fully hope they fix this in ghosts. I feel like a kid in a candy store female skins at long last THANK YOU Infinity Ward !!!!!!! You all fully made my day Thank you so much too all of you who posted as I did know ghost was going to have a female but thought ya right another token female I cant even play. So to find out I am wrong on this fully rules Happy happy joy joy female skins at  long last

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                        good luck and have fun...nice talking with you and glad your dreams are coming true...about time huh

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                            Thank  you much and it was nice to come on a forum and not get blasted for asking about female skins for once Yes female solder skins are way past due and I give the makers of Ghosts a full on hats off for the respect they gave female gamers in this game. I spent the day on YouTube yesterday

                            Now I just need to find out if they will have a sliding fov in game and if Ghosts can do my screen resolution. I am from the old days quake 2 lol and I like to play in my games configs and I want control on my game set up in game. Even if no sliding fov in game as long as I can get into my game config and fix settings / fov I am good to go

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                        hopefully every thing you are asking for will be there....they should start catering more to their community of players...we know what we want and they know how to make it...lets hope it benefits us all

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                            I agree yes they should. I also think PC and console should be apart  not to disrespect any console player as I know only to well how hard it is to have the money to build a pc. But with PC we put time and lots of money into our system and to be locked at 60 fps or have the game pick the server you play on is wrong. When did pc gaming become console gaming. You see I did a bit more homework on Ghosts and not feeling so much PC love from Ghosts