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    Future zombies discussion

      i am pretty sure we all know zombies will continue. especially based on the hints 3arc has dropped. In the end, I would just lik some reassurance that zombies will continue in the next 3arc game. I know I know I just said that it probably will, but I really care about this mode as dumb as it sounds, and I can't wait to see what 3arc has in store for us for the zombies future. Just let me know 2 things please

      1. If it will continue, what u think(I'm a bit OCD)

      2. Where you think future zombies should go. Thanks in advance.

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          Re: Future zombies discussion

          Everything will change....hopefully.

          The ending of Origins itself closed the chapter to our beloved story we can no start anew. Although TREYARCH messed up in the sense they could have went any direction in terms of the story such as time travel, the continuation from Buried....

          But NOPE.

          Hopefully drastic changes will occur.

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              Re: Future zombies discussion

              ITs still a zombie story. Its all still real. Your perception of its reality only has to be what your imagination makes it to be. It isnt just a game of action figures, in there story its all real and we play in that reality. not in Sam and eddy's

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              Re: Future zombies discussion

              Zombies is doneski.


              Treyarch messed up zombies so bad in BO2. The only good things to come out of zombies in BO2 were Grief and Mob of the Dead.

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