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    Mob of the dead freezes on loading screen

      Everytime I try to start Mob Of The Dead, it keeps freezing on the loading screen. Same goes for Solo or Custom Games, it just freezes after 2 seconds in the loading screen, which I got to reboot my Playstation and this problem only started happening after I downloaded Apocalypse. A LOT of people are having the same issue, and I want to know why it hasn't been fixed yet. Obviously, the problem is probably cause of the DLC Apocalypse cause right after downloading the map pack Mob of the dead became unplayable and keeps freezing. No my PS3 is just fine, so is my disk! There are no fingerprints, scratches and my game looks like it just came out of the case. Does this mean I gotta wait till the next patch Treyarch rolls out? Please, fix the issue as fast as possible or give me step by step on how I fix this issue