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    Please fix Capture The Flag

      In capture the flag can you please make people have a 3 second unlimited health when you spawn and if all the enemys are camping at your flag make your team spawn in the middle of the map.


      I do like Black OPS II and it was my first Call of Duty game but CTF on this game is the worst CTF I have ever played on any game and I have been playing FPS since GoldenEye 64. it's so frustrating when the enemy team have you spawn trapped and don't even attempt to capture the flag to make the game last 4 rounds.


      It always happens on Nuketown the second I spawn im dead before I even have a chance to move or shoot then they get stealth choppers, A.G.R's, K9 Units, Swarms and Orbital Vsats just incase you do brake free they know where you are.


      There are clans who do this, they get themselfs in possitions to lock you into only 2 or 3 spawn locations and even have guardians aimed at those places so you can't move anyway.