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        Really?  Ya sure they ain't just confusing stuff?  If so, that's friggin awesome!  Considering me very excited!


        Let's hope the guys in charge of the Lego Marvel DLC agree, haha.

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          I think Rogue is correct about Hawkeye's vehicles.  Technically he has two.  This list shows both the Cloud Rider and the Sky Cycle (which is shown as DLC).

          It's kinda crazy to think that even with a roster that huge they still have a ton of possibilities for some good DLC.  Hopefully they decide to support the game and add in some more fan favorites.


          I went to download the demo this morning and was pretty disappointed.  My gold subscription expired a while ago and I haven't renewed so I think I have to wait a week or so until I can get it.

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            Cool!  Hopefully some pics of it will come out after the game is released.


            The roster may be huge, but there's also some odd choices.  They released a picture so I don't think this is a spoiler, but why add the statue of liberty in the game as a playable character?  Pretty weird, haha.  I don't think we'd see any of those types of oddballs in potential DLC at least.  I think it'll just be the big popular guys that somehow didn't make it.


            Ah, that sucks.  I completely forgot about that.  I hope ya can survive the extra couple of days.

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              Yeah there was bound to be some odd choices.  I think that character you mentioned is maybe supposed to be Lady Liberty rather than the actual Statue of Liberty (not that I've heard of her before though!)  At least there would be a connection with the comics if they did it that way.  Then again, maybe that one is just one of those novelty characters or related to the story in the game somehow.  On possible DLC they may mix in some more obscure characters with some bigger names.  For LOTR they had some bigger names to go with some minor characters from the books.  Still, they have to make it appealing so people buy it.

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                How could I have ever been doubted?  I've never been wrong before!  Not even once in the history of history...

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                  @Jad - LOTR is pretty different than the Marvel Universe though.  Between the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, supernatural characters, and bad guys they've got a lot of options for DLC without going too obscure.  I'm a bit doubtful I'll get Bobbi even if they do put out DLC cause there's just so many options out there.

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                    I finally started the game last night, and it's pretty cool so far.  I've played the first three levels and just got to a point where it looks like I can explore New York City a bit.  Pretty fun so far, though, with a ton of puns, and the different heroes are pretty fun to play so far.  I'll warn you that Spidey's in all three of the first levels, though.  Which is awesome.  I really liked the level I just did where you go to Oscorp with Spidey, Widow, and Hawkeye.  They made Hawkeye pretty fun, with explosive arrows, rope arrows, and some arrows that give you poles to swing from.  He doesn't make a ton of jokes, though he has made a few so far.  No Chris Cox voicing him, sadly, but Troy Baker's awesome and he doesn't have the awful Avengers Assemble writing weighing him down here. 

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                      Thanks for the info, Rogue!  Does Clint show up in any cutscenes outside the level he's playable?  And what sorta jokes has he made so far?

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                        None so far, though no one really shows up in cutscenes outside the levels they're playable in so far besides Fury and other SHIELD people.  He's mostly just had some banter going with Widow.  I can't really think of one specific one off the top of my head, so none of them are EMH-level Clint jokes, but he's not super serious or anything, at least.  I'll let you know if I hear any super awesome ones, though. 


                        Also (not Clint-related), there's a Snakes on a Plane reference, and it's awesome. 

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                          Phew, that's good to hear at least.  I skimmed through a video of one of Clint's levels and I was worried cause I wasn't hearing much quipping from Clint.  A super serious Clint is no fun at all.  Hopefully he gets some good EMH quality lines later on!


                          Haha, cool!