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    Possibility to include a new statistic in Call Of Duty? What does the community/Activision think?

      First off, the absolute bottom line for writing this is because I just want more useful statistics in Call Of Duty, whether it is something like the GIN that I am proposing here or lifetime spread (Total kills - total deaths) / Total games played in that gametype). These statistics more accurately quantify a players skill by capturing the effect they have in the games they play.


      This thread pertains mostly to the Team Deathmatch Playlist but the GIN can be applied to every game type.


      There are statistics in the Call Of Duty franchise that are ALWAYS talked about. Kill to Death (K/D) ratio being overwhelmingly the most popular on that list. Chances are if you have a high K/D you have some skill at the game but how much do you actually impact that game you are playing? In other words, are you the guy who gets 9 kills every game with 3 deaths, or are you the guy who controls the majority of the game, and gets 24 kills and 12 deaths? Using the K/D ratio, the first person has a 3.0, which is incredibly good, while the second person has a 2.0 which is still very good. However, the first person has a much lesser impact on the game and there is a substantial probability that they lost that game. The second person is having a tremendous impact on the game, essentially controlling the flow. The game is hinging on their performance. They have over 1/3 of the total kills accumulated for victory with a K/D of 2.0.


      I am proposing a new statistic that more accurately characterizes play style, skill and how much you affect the outcome of a game, the moment you join a lobby.


      I call it the Game Impact Number (GIN) and it isn't rocket science. This number is derived by multiplying the K/D of a player by their Score per Game. GIN = (K/D)*(Score/Game). This is so simple but can tell you astonishingly accurate things about a player. It quantifies the rate and which a player scores points (Kills and assists account for all points scored in a TDM game) and factors in how much they die in the process. It would be a cumulative statistic that takes every game in the player's career into account. So let me give you some examples of frequent play styles a common Call Of Duty Player encounters and how this number changes for each of them.


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------


      Everyone knows the player who rushes headlong into combat, GUNS A' BLAZIN', everytime they spawn. It seems to be instinctual to them, JAM THE X BUTTON and RUN RIGHT BACK. Here are the average numbers generated by this player and there corresponding Game Impact Number. (Kills are worth 10 points and assists are worth 5, Black Ops used this system with their score/game statistic)


      Player Type: Rushing Lunatic

      Average Game Statistics

      Kills/Game: 8

      Assists/Game: 2

      Deaths/Game: 16

      Lifetime K/D = .5

      Career Avg. Score per game = [(8*10) + (2*5)] = 90

      The GIN for this players game would be

      GIN = Score*K/D = 90*.5 = 45.0

      This type of player obviously does not impact the game positively in most cases. Generating a very average amount of kills per game, but at a poor K/D of .5.


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


      This next player is your Average Joe gamer who plays on mostly the weekends when they have time, plays more for the social aspect and could really care less what their K/D is, yet is still competitive and enjoys winning.


      Player Type: Average Joe Gamer

      Average Game Statistics

      Kills/Game: 10

      Assists/Game: 2

      Deaths/Game: 9

      Lifetime K/D = 1.11

      Career Avg. Score per game = [(10*10) + (2*5)] = 110

      The GIN for this players game would be

      GIN = Score*K/D = 110*1.1 = ~122

      From the GIN you can see this person, on average, impacts the game more positively than the Rushing Lunatic type player. They generate average amounts of kills and points per game with very typical K/D ratio.


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------


      The next type of player is someone who knows what they are doing, but is absolutely terrified of dying at all. This person is the expert "CAMPER" that everyone loves to hate. This player has claymores in the perfect places, with AMMO FOR DAYS in a spot on the map that is difficult to flank and he knows you are coming. The only disadvantage of their strategy is that if no one comes their direction they get very few kills and they are useless to their team. This player type usually yields positive numbers but does not amass kills.


      Player Type: Camping Assassin

      Average Game Statistics

      Kills/Game: 12

      Assists/Game: 1

      Deaths/Game: 4

      Lifetime K/D = 3.0

      Career Avg. Score per game = [(12*10) + (1*5)] = 125

      The GIN for this players game would be

      GIN = Score*K/D = 125*3.0 = 375.0

      As you can see the GIN gives this player a much higher score than that of the RUSHING LUNATIC player type because they more positively impact the games they are in.


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


      Another common player type I see is the RAMBO playing style. A player who loves the rush of combat and constantly wants to be in it. They have substantial skill but their lack of tact causes them to die more than they normally would with a slight amount of strategy.


      Player Type: JOHN RAMBO

      Average Game Statistics

      Kills/Game: 20

      Assists/Game: 5

      Deaths/Game: 20

      Lifetime K/D = 1.0

      Career Avg. Score per game = [(20*10) + (4*5)] = 220

      The GIN for this players game would be

      GIN = Score*K/D = 220*1.0 = 220


      This is an interesting player type, because this person is getting a good amount of kills but is also dying equally as much. Their positive impact to their team is reflected in the GIN. It is more than the Rushing Lunatic who has a negative K/D most games, because the Rambo play style impacts a game more directly with more kills and an average K/D. The GIN captures this information.


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------


      The last player type we will look at is the player who is essentially THE GOD OF COD. They decimate almost every lobby they get matched into and  completely dictate the outcome. Their team strongly depends on their presence for victory to be achieved.


      Player Type: CoD GOD

      Average Game Statistics

      Kills/Game: 24

      Assists/Game: 4

      Deaths/Game: 10

      Lifetime K/D = 2.4

      Career Avg. Score per game = [(24*10) + (4*5)] = 260

      The GIN for this players game would be

      GIN = Score*K/D = 260*2.4 = 624.0

      As you can see, their GIN scales proportionally with their impact to the games that they have played. A person sustaining this level of performance through their career is truly remarkable and this statistic reflects that.

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------


      These are some common playing styles I have seen in my years playing Call Of Duty. This number accurately scales proportionally to players positive or negative impact to games they play. The lower the K/D the lower the GIN, the more kills and points they generate, the more the player impacts the game, therefore the more positive the GIN.


      The GIN could be a leaderboard statistic on your friends list and not allowing other players to access it in the lobby would keep a casual nature to the game. However, if it was allowed to be accessed in the lobby, as a part of the players title/playercard it would make for some very competitive play. Most everyone would want to be the person with the highest GIN. It would demote camping because you couldn't generate enough points using that strategy, and everyone despises it anyway. It would also increase the playability of a FPS game dramatically, statistics tend to do this in general, but the more useful they are, the greater the effect.


      What are the thoughts of the community and Activision about employing such a statistic as the GIN?


      Yours Truly,




      PS - With a little extra research I found an EXCELLENT thread from 2009 where another person realized that a person with a lower K/D can actually be better than a person with a higher K/D. He proved it by calculating the spread for each player. The person with the higher spread is the more effective player, because they provide more kills to their team relative to the other.
      Re: Mathematical PROOF that K/D Ratio Does NOT Equal Skill


      The GIN captures this. For example the "Expert Camper" in the example here had a 3.0 K/D and had an average spread of (12 kills - 4 deaths) = 8. The Player who is obviously superior to the camper in the last example had a spread of 24-10 = 14. The last player is essentially 14/8 = 1.75 times more effective than the camping player. The GIN for these players is 624 and 375. The relative effectiveness using the GIN is 624/375 = 1.67 - nearly identical.






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