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      Looking for trickshotters that can do 6 mans

      GT: Rebel Infamy

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          Go and sit on the naughty step and reflect on your request!

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            Most people on these forums despise trickshotters, you should go post this on a faze video

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                lol thats funny u wouldnt see are comment so thats why he put it on here despise us if u want and trickshotting isint ruining pubs that doesnt riun the game were playing hte game and having fun and the people kill us we dont tell them to set and if they do we just kill them so STFU we arnt ruining bo2

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                hopefully your trickshotting is being done in a custom game-mode =) dont ruin the game for everyone else that is playing the game the right way...and STAY OUTTA SnD!!!!!

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                    kid ur stupid its not ruining the game were haveing fun doing what we do so suck up and we will play SnD if we want ur not gonna stop us

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                        Lol you sound like every trickshotter I kill.

                        "OMFG guys stop killing us, were just trying to have fun you noobs, stop being tryhards you (insert derogatory words here)."
                        But by all means, continue to play SnD, especially with 5 other people. I love easy kills .

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                          This is where you are wrong. Yes, you have the right to play the game how you want... within the spirit of the game.


                          Thus, going into an SnD lobby, or any other PUBLIC lobby for that matter, you need to respect other players and play within the spirit of the game. You know, actually playing the objective and working with your team... remember that?


                          I have no issue with you Trickshotting and doing other things if that is what makes you happy. Grab a bunch of like-minded friends, jump into a Custom Match and have fun. Or get a large group of friends, take over a whole lobby, and go nuts. But don't impose your wants on others by acting a fool in Public lobbies, ruining the game for others with your selfishness. If you are able to trickshot AND be a credit to your team by taking Objectives and playing the game mode as intended, more power to you.

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                          Stop your complaining.

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                          I Am able to do a 6 man . I will message you with a gamer tag almost like my profile name!

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                            As you can tell by the grammatical errors and endless babble this poster is probably another 12 year old using the sniper as it was NOT intended. I feel if the game picks up on this type of behavior in a public lobby the person/persons doing this should be banned from the COD servers FOR LIFE, and not just this game but EVERY game before and after.