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        You must be excited about the Spidey rework it sounds pretty good and he will be the first hero to have the signature power, although I think IM's one off is kind of a signature power. Anyway Spidey will become viable so you love that.


        I saw the video and thought it was great except it showed PVP before the what is coming soon part implying that it is active but I don't think it is active, is it?


        Just got Torch and he is awesome!! Great powers and plays so smoothly plus you get to light everything on fire, lol. Hawk you should pick him up you will have a blast!! He is very fun.

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          So was actually anxious to get through my workout after work to play Torch some more, lol. He has really been fun although I am a bit tired of playing through some of the chapters. I am not a big fan of the first part of Madipor at all hate having to search for the stupid base. Looking forward to new content coming out that is for sure and when is PVP coming back?

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            Sounds like Torch is awesome!  I want to get him eventually, though I think my next hero will either be Jean or Gambit, so I got a while to wait for Torch. 


            You do know that the base is optional, right?  You can totally skip it and only miss out on a useless vendor summon.  It's also always along that north wall, so you can just stick to the wall until you see it. 


            The new PvP mode is supposed to be on test center next week, so it can't be too far behind that.  I think it's coming with the Asgard patch, but I don't know for sure. 

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              Yeah I know it is optional but I don't like leaving those guys in prison kind of feel obligated to help them escape. But I blasted through that level since Torch pretty much kills everything and everyone fast. If you do his thermal intensity and just fly around you just scorch everything and melt the health off of bosses like crazy. In the chapters I just trigger thermal intensity and fly in close circles around the boss for the ten seconds it is up when I am done the bosses health is well below half and it just takes a second or two using to kill him off and this is every boss through chapter 3. He can be a little squishy but I have protective flame shield now so he is better that way but his offense is off the charts.


              Asgard looks really cool and really want to try it out. I hope you are right about PVP and that they have made it fun will be nice to have another play option.

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                I probably won't be around Marvel Heroes as much for the next bit of time.  I started a new Tales of Vesperia playthrough, and I got Lego Marvel coming next week.  I'll probably be playing a lot more once Asgard launches around the Thor 2 movie premiere, though, since that looks super fun. 


                I did check a little bit to see what's up with Spidey after his rework, and he looks like a lot more fun.  I'll have to play him a lot more once I get back into playing more again.

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                  Well enjoy not one but two games that is great hope you have a blast. I will continue to post and I did see a few more Spidey's running around today, lol. Anyway lot of heroes got more base health so both Torch and IM got that upgrade and legendary quests seem to be working better.

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                    I've made my grand return to this thread!  Haha, but I got to play a bit of Marvel Heroes.  My computer handled Hell's Kitchen pretty well and I found this sweet Cosmic Quiver for Clint in the forgotten subway tunnel.  It boosts up all his powers by 1 point and there's a chance it'll generate a shield when attacked, along with some other nifty stats.  I've been finding eternity shards at a decent rate though I'm still pretty far away from buying anyone new, not that I'm in a big rush, haha.  Anyway, I played through the Hell's Kitchen story stuff with ease, but my computer started chugging when I got to the Jersey docks.  I pushed on and go to Taskmaster's place and beat him then found Hood's boat before stopping for the day.

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                      Great to see ya back Hawk, lol. Yeah the Jersey docks is one of the busiest parts of any chapter and pretty wide open with lots of other players and it has some specials that can really add lots of baddies whenever Venom gets going. How did the Hood fight go? I remember that was a tough one for me but that was with IM before he was reworked when he was not that great.


                      I am glad you are playing and you will be happy as lots of cool stuff drops and soon the problem you will have is which is the best of all the good stuff you have, lol. I'm not kidding you sometimes I really struggle with should I replace an item with another item since one will have certain things that are better than another but then the other item has these things anyway it is pretty cool that that is even an issue.


                      So I got one of the new medallions that gives you plus 2 to all powers, sweet, for Torch. Man I have to say Torch really rocks from an offensive standpoint he lives up to his name in this game because anything that gets in his way gets consumed.

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                        I haven't fought Hood yet, I only got to his hideout.  What level was your IM when you fought Hood?  I think I have Clint at 8 or 9.


                        Haha, I try to use the health regen stuff when I can, though the defense on those items are usually pretty low so I gotta take em out eventually.  I figure the high defense will help make up for the lack of health regen and I've got plenty of med packs.

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                          You will never run out of health packs as they always drop but I like a good health regen as sometimes it is the difference between life and death. As far as IM goes I would say he was in the same area but I don't remember for sure. Now when I start a character I also spend some time in Mid town Manhattan to level my character up it does help with the boss fights that is for sure. Do you know how to get to MM? If not you can access it through the purple terminal in Avengers Tower the terminals are in the room past the crafter area away from the main lobby area. You can also get there by running by Dr. Strange and continuing down that until the end of the hallway and you will see a grey or white bubble where you can access MM.

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