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    Need a clan (PS3)

      I'm looking for a black ops 2 clan that is already registered for ghosts. I'm 22 from Ohio and im on everyday all throughout the day. I have a mic but I don't use it much because of my tendency to swear a lot and offend people that trash talk when their in my kill cams. I was a lot better than I am now but I crushed my hand at work in July and my thumb and a few of my fingers don't bend like they should. Right now my k/d is only 1.13, my spm is 170, and my win/loss ratio is 44%. Like I said my stats were better before my accident. My mode of choice is TDM on core and hardcore (I prefer hardcore), some domination, headquarters, kill confirmed, and zombies. Im looking for an established clan with at least 15-20 members that will actually play with me during challenges and ops, but also likes to just play and have some fun. Either message me on here or on the ps3.

      PSN id: HangEmHigh1990.