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    So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

      So it seems this forum is dying and there's little else to say. So I thought I would ask, what was your experience of the game, multiplayer in particular. Anything and everything about it, weapon balance, kill/death streaks, connection, any opinions that you want to throw out there. I know some of you won't agree with other peoples comments, i'm sure I won't either, but that's not the point of this thread. I just want to get a balanced view of everyone who can be bothered to comment, with no flaming of any individuals. That would be great. So, just for once, lets get together as a community and share our experiences with maturity, and i'll promise to put my big boy trousers on and act my age too. Thanks for your time. Peace!


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          Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

          quickscope ops. lack of support, report features that do NOTHING, idk. i play zombies, solo i have the best rank on the board, also a few multi records like 2nd for 4 player, and even there i got beat out by two people who sign in guest accounts to exploit the game mode. ive reported, complained to foxhound and others in charge of support like emillioguns (sorry if mis-spelled) and nothing gets done. keep in mind that for 1st for four player. if they give two sh!ts about the honest players then whats the point? same exact issue with three player. since about 2 months ago. theater is incredibly screwed up, nobody cares. dont get free maps like the others? nobody cares. between listening to little kids blare music and spin in circles holding hands im just to the point where i dont care. maybe thats what they intended to happen, but now ghost is coming? hopefully i will have a ps4, i cant even get a response on whether or not wireless headsets will be supported, nevermind how ridiculous it is that we have to ask.

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            Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

            Well, if i were to write* it, then it would be as follows:



            I liked some of the twists the campaign had (won't mention them), and the multiple endings bit was a nice touch, and gave an interesting look at the "what if" possibilities that could have or would have, or did happening (there's no way to properly state it, afterall). I still liked Black Ops 1's campaign better just because Hudson showed how to put sunglasses on like a badass.




            From the limited time i can actually play it, it's alright. I could never get past round 13 (which happens to be that number that ALWAYS finds me), but i enjoyed being able to go on the bus and travel around to different map areas, although it felt like instead of it being a giant map with interconnected areas like other, previous, maps, this feels more like a long line which sometimes won't benefit you to take by foot over bus. Sometimes by foot leads to awesome secrets, but then it's not a secret anymore if you end up having to go out and get it. If Call of Duty survives another round to lead Treyarch to give the final hurrah, then i'd say to take advantage of programming at its core, and create dynamic maps which will not always be the same. You play one game, and everyone goes down. Next time you startup the game, everything, not just some things, but EVERYTHING is different. It's one thing to make item locations different, but maybe take a note from Animal Crossing. So many different towns could be generated, and likewise could be the same for zombies. It would make things much more intensive. Of course, having some things the same is still important, but having a room's layout be different from how it was previously would surely be an interesting way of changing up the game. I Applaud Treyarch on the easter eggs they included. Although Wii U zombies only has 1 map, there are still many easter eggs which they successfully ported over to make it the same as the other versions. Now my one issue with zombies is how it disconnects me too often, and sometimes makes it impossible to stay online for more than a couple seconds. Multiplayer has never been that bad with the disconnects... Which, apparently, people on Miiverse have stated that they also have had similar issues.



            Target Finder shouldn't have been in the game. Wii Remote sniping should have less sway and the glitches associates with it annoy the hell out of me (i went online today and they still persist when i'm not careful). The lag associated with lack of players is annoying, but the lag when there is no lack of players is just as annoying. The maps are alright, but i don't really like Aftermath very much. Standoff seems to be the map i get the most clips on; Hijacked too, and also Slums and Carrier, and Express. My favorite map is probably Express since i like complex designs that also have symmetry to them. There's a reason why i loved the map "Complex" from The Conduit, despite how broken the map was, it was perfectly symmetrical and offered confusion in telling where an enemy or teammate was when in some parts of the map. Express offers that a bit, but the symmetry of the map is probably the thing i like the most about it.


            Target Finder is all too common in the game. Most guns i pick up are target finder, and me trying to pull off gun game in publics, i find it difficult to not end up with a target finder gun. Of course, if i have no choice, i'll still use it (i haven't even gotten that target finder callsign yet to boot), but the presence of this one attachment rivals that of Ballistics CPU for snipers. Unlike Ballistics CPU, it's not an attachment that could aid the player without taking away too much, but Target Finder just acts way too helpful. An explosion could occur near a player, and smoke could rise. Use Target Finder, and you can still find them through the smoke! That is the job of a different attachment, NOT target Finder. Sometimes you can aim at random walls that you know another player is on the other side of, and the red diamond will light them up easy! It's a glitched, and broken, attachment. I get that every CoD game has to have that one "it will piss you off" variable, but this took it way too far X_X


            Now, as for controllers, nice job on including 4 different controllers into the game. Some people liked it greatly, i'm sure. Some people, like me, just stuck with Gamepad and Wii Remote though. Get the Wii remote straightened out in Ghosts for those buying it though, and fix the perception of Wii Remote sniping a bit. I know it was going downhill since Black Ops Wii, but i'm beginning to believe that the ratio of Wii remote snipers to total play count is at least 1:100, or worse. One man can only do so much, and it seems that even if i try it just backfires!


            Lastly, i'll include my funny/awesome short stories while playing:

            -I got a ricochet sniper kill off of a teammate's Assault Shield

            -My sniper bullet once ricocheted off of a building wall and caused a truck to explode, also getting me a kill (theatermode wasn't working, but during the entire game i'm nowhere near that particular truck, nor did i previously shoot at it!)

            -Lag caused a player to jump at me when i was just about to take them out with the KSG, and then when i realign to their new position and shoot, the bullet misses and i die X_X

            -I've been spawned into my own semtex, as it exploded

            -I've spawned into an exploding care package

            -I ninja jumped an obstacle and took out a guy infront of me after jumping off (thank you dexterity and lightweight)

            -I came into a lobby where someone over mic started saying "I don't wanna be a chicken, i don't wanna be a duck so i shake my butt"

            -I pissed off a person to the point where they dedicated an entire Miiverse post about me being a hacker

            -I've landed across map Ballistic Knife shots and Crossbow shots respectively

            -There have been 4 times where i got, and should have gotten, a bloodshirsty medal with the Crossbow and didn't unlock the final camo, despite it being the last camo i have to unlock for the weapon...

            -I managed to take down 3 players with 3 different pistols in about 6 seconds.

            -I have gotten a single bloodthirsty medal with 5 different guns (publics gun game FTW)

            -I trapped my teammate in the corner once while an enemy player watched

            -I proclaimed to a target finder player that i would get a triple headshot feed on them the next time i spawn... I get a triple headshot feed on everyone BUT this player, and infact they actually kill my streak at the end

            -I got a collateral headshot firstblood, final kill (kill cam included), wall bang, on a player dolphin diving, as an actual Wii Remote quickscope, and got one in a "get turned on" moment

            -I got a triple headshot feed with the KSG

            -One of my triple headshot feeds, with the sniper, has exactly 1 frame where all 3 headshots can be seen in the feed

            -The only on screen gun quad feed i've ever gotten was with the SMR. One of the players had a mic and said "****" as one of my teammate's characeters shouted "on me": "**** on me".

            -I have more than 10 failed triple headshot feed clips, where only 1 kill in the feed is a body shot instead of a headshot. At least 2-3 of them should have been headshots.

            -Black Ops 2 has screwed me out of 2 triple collateral headshot clips, and 3 triple collaterals on Black Ops Wii.

            -My first triple headshot feed on Black Ops Wii was an extended triple headshot feed (4 players). My first triple headshot feed on Black Ops 2 was an extended triple headshot feed + 1 extra headshot, bringing the total to 5 players. Both times were with the weakest sniper rifles in each respective game

            -I once made a kid cry (actual crying) because i sniped with the Wii Remote

            -I sniped a player on Aftermath, while they're holding a semtex, and the semtex goes flying out of their hand and explodes on contact with the ground infront of me... They did not throw it, but the semtex went flying in a random direction after they died.



            Since those moments may or may not manifest themselves into actual videos, i posted them all here. Those are most of my good, the bad and the ugly moments on Black Ops 2.



            In closing, Treyarch, please at least make Ghosts enjoyable for those who will buy it.



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              Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

              I found the WiiU version of BO2 much more fun than the PS3 version however I rarely play either versions because 1. WiiU has no COD DLC. 2. Bored of BO2 on PS3.  I go back to them sometimes.

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                Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                is the playerbase as immature on all consoles because i had to leave a good number of games last night due to teamates running behind me shooting at me and trying to trap me in corners...barolb, i left the one match you joined around 4am eastern time after a kid doing this told me he would put his dad on the mic after i told him he was an a$$hol3 for doing what i just described. i said go ahead id like to explain to him why his son is going to get console banned for cheating and his 350 console would make a nice paperweight. he shut up right away lol.

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                    Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                    I think i ended up joining you 4 times throughout my session last night, actually. There were very few lobbies open, so we ended up in the same lobbies a couple times. I'm pretty sure its happened other times too. A while back when i was showing screen caps of some of my triple headshot feeds, someone pointed out who was also in the feed in this particular screencap XD:


                    http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t420/barolb/ScreenShot2013-10-21at114657AM.p ng


                    The time stamp from that clip is March 17th, 3:43AM O_o I believe this was my third triple headshot feed/split triple headshot feed. I don't remember that game completely, but i do remember that i picked that SVU up off the ground before i got that clip. I didn't even notice you were in it until it was pointed out to me X_X


                    Sometimes it's funner to screw with people more so than to get them to be quiet, although that might be because i have a bit of a troll side to myself. And, I only trap campers in corners, unless i'm trying to be a real jerk in-game.



                    Interestingly enough, i don't have to act like a jerk in-game to get teabagged...

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                    Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                    The good

                    • Wiimote support
                    • The pick 10 system
                    • Prestiging weapons
                    • Nice graphics (compared to the good old wii, not compared to xbox/ps3/pc)
                    • Bigger teams (compared to the good old wii, not compared to xbox/ps3/pc)
                    • More kill streaks (compared to the good old wii, not compared to xbox/ps3/pc)
                    • No truncated or missing maps in the original release ((compared to the good old wii, not compared to xbox/ps3/pc)
                    • Emblems editor (compared to the good old wii, not compared to xbox/ps3/pc)


                    The bad

                    • Networking (lag comp./hit detection): too many many many many times when flanking an enemy and shooting a good few bullets in the side of the enemy's body he turns around and kills me with 2 hits ("wtf? deaths").
                    • Over the top fast paced arcadish game (the internet ping/latency nor the animations can keep up with the speed)
                    • Spawning:  it's too aggressive: you kill one enemy and another spawns right behind you and shoots you in the back (hence bo2's nickname "shot in the back oops")
                    • Small close combat maps => SMG's overused
                    • Audio of footsteps etc. totally unusable compared to previous cods (even with dead silence, awareness  and headphones)
                    • Unbalanced wiimote vs aim assisted dual controls (although it comes with the territory when having different types of controllers

                    The ugly/annoying players

                    • Quick scoping
                    • Target Finder (= training wheels / wonder bra)
                    • Trolling (flashing own team mates with stun grenades, teamkilling, etc.)


                    However we should be happy to have cod on the wii/wiiu (with wiimote support) in the first place considering the decreasing sales numbers on wii/wiiu:




                    @ 5 oct 2013

                    total units sold

                      1 m = 1,000,000

                    wii cod32.19 m
                    wii waw1.87 m
                    wii mwr1.48 m
                    wii bo1.28 m
                    wii mw30.66 m
                    wiiu bo20.20 m


                    Currently online people on the wiiu cod: around 1000-2000 so between 1% and 2% of the total 200,000 units sold.


                    Number of alll platforms:




                    @ 5 oct 2013

                    total units sold

                      1 m = 1,000,000

                    xbox waw

                    ps3  waw

                    wii  waw





                    xbox mw2

                    ps3  mw2

                    wii  mwr 




                    xbox bo 

                    ps3  bo 

                    pc   bo  

                    wii  bo  





                    xbox mw3 

                    ps3  mw3 

                    pc   mw3  

                    wii  mw3  





                    xbox bo2  

                    ps3  bo2  

                    pc   bo2

                    wiiu bo2






                    Based on these numbers one might even understand why full support and DLC is not present on the wii(u):


                    So Pauly et al: ORDER NOW and SUPPORT the WIIU TROOPS :-)



                    OFC Giorgio

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                      Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                      it has its ups and its downs.


                      the lag sucks but if you can find a good connection lobby, the game plays sooo good.


                      the graphics are wonderful compared to any system besides the wii of course, lol.


                      there is a love / hate relationship with this game.


                      one can only hope that future CODs will be better, but the numbers dont lie...

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                        Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                        Overall it's been a great experience for me. Judging by my time I have sinking in a little over 1,500 total hours on both my NNIDs that does count sitting in lobbies, private matches and leaving my Wii on often.


                        The campaign was good; multiple endings added a little spice to it (BO1s was my favorite )

                        Zombies meh, never really cared for it. Personally I get bored after round 10 because after all it's just running around in circles killing zombies. There isn't really a challenge or goal to full fill other than going for a high round which can take hours..


                        Multiplayer....umm This will probably be long.

                        I do hate how the wii remote was screwed up and make me switch to DA but in a way I'm happy now since I'm accustomed to DA because previously I couldn't pull a 1 KD with it. So now if I ever get a PS4 or XB1 if WiiU ever goes farther down hill.....going off topic....CORN PUFFS.


                        Things that I liked:

                        Scorestreaks - The feeling when you get 4 capture kills on the B flag and the flag cap to finish off to give a total of 1000 score...<3 Also it increased objective play but there are still those noobs who play like its TDM. It's funny how when you want your teammates to cap a flag they don't but if you don't so the game can go on a little longer they swarm over the flags and make the game end 3 minutes early.


                        Pick 10: Added so much variety to making classes instead of it being the "ACR-Scavenger-Assassin-stalker" of MW3 that everyone ran.


                        The maps: The maps are pretty great though a little to head glitchy at some places but overall I find them great compared to MW3.. I do hate Carrier..to open and Drone is a camp fest.


                        Competitive - BO2 competitive is also very fun. Though I hate when M8A1 players whip out their B23Rs and can easily destroy my SMG. ;(. Hardpoint is fantastic gamemode. BO1=everyone used famas = no one has an advantage over anyone<3


                        Also SPM being in the combat record so I can laugh at people who camp for their 4 KDs with only a 200 SPM...Yes, I do understand playing Search, FFA and TDM won't get as high of a SPM as Domination or Hardpoint.


                        What I hated

                        Guns: R870 last second panic shots. Dang.... I don't know anyone who won't agree with me but R870 is annoying as fudge because lots of time a noob gets the kill when they didn't have to react fast or have good accuracy. B23R and KAP40 were sort of annoying but thankfully they weren't used that much.

                        LMGs....LMGs...LMGs....The LMGs in this game are complete death lasers...The target finder promotes camping with them even more. LSAT is a PDW with no recoil, infinite range and a quickdraw and stock and put it make it ADS faster and move faster.. LSW is a beast but it has this thing called recoil and a huge muzzle flash with doesn't affect the LSAT.


                        Quickscoping: Well I've explained why this is cheap, annoying, overused and broken 100 times on this forum during the past year..........


                        Best memories:  The time I went 154-7 on Raid Domination solo (well one guy was in my party but he wasn't running support streaksto help me out). Hitting 100,000 kills. Joining InK back in November...Had a lot of good times partying with NKO...Too bad Huskies left for Xbox. Also uploaded my first 3 videos on youtube. Got someone else to record it out of my theater.


                        Worst Memories: Accidentally reseting and losing my 148,000 kills, 21 days of gametime, 1490 swarms and 50 nuclears. Long story about how I "accidentally reset". 


                        Questions: Am I like the only one who hasn't really had a problem with spawns? Even in MW3 I didn't have a problem. I play ground war and it has 9 people.....I will admit Hijacked sucks because A: You're getting spawn trapped or B: You are spawn trapping but sharing the kills between your teammates because everyone knows how to spawntrap on that map.

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                          Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?


                          I liked it, but it could never compare to BO1's. I did like the fact that they included hitmarkers and a create a class system,



                          Again, I liked it, but not as much as BO1. It sucked how we only got one map, because Tranzit sucked IMO.



                          What was good?

                          • The Pick 10 System
                          • The guns were very well balanced compared to other CoDs.
                          • Multiple controller support.
                          • Hardpoint
                          • Scorestreaks and the different ways to earn them
                          • Emblem Editor
                          • League Play (even though not too many people play it)
                          • Raid, Yemen, and Standoff.


                          What was bad?

                          • Target Finder
                          • The patch that messed up the wiimote
                          • The lack of patches
                          • No DLC/Nuketown 2025
                          • Overflow, Aftermath, Carrier, Turbine and Hijacked


                          Favourite Memories?

                          • Making some friends that I always love to go into parties with.
                          • Not really about the game, but joining the forums.
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                            Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                            Overall, i liked and enjoyed it..... i never knew about DLC content until after months of having the game.... never really cared for it, i like using the wiimote and pretty much that is the only reason i bought the game. i already pre ordered ghosts and will enjoy it if its the same as BO2. Im probably take the day off on the Nov 5, to play it all freaking day... there are already a handful of people who are going to be there on the 5th..... as far as DLC and people saying it gets old and boring playing the same maps, what i did was just trying to finish all the little challenges, prestige all weapons, i see so many after looking at their profiles that they just stick to one weapon and just use that one all of the time, especially snipers...

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                                Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                well if you like wiimote action, COD and no DLC you should really look into picking up W@W and maybe MWR...


                                BO and MW3...your account will get hopped and everything will get deleted.


                                W@W will make you a better player and MWR will teach you how to play in extreme lag.

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                                Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                I spent a lot of BO2 going solo and it was.....meh.


                                It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. I just didn't have as much fun with BO2 as I had with past CoD titles(MW3 doesn't exist). Wiimote controls were screwed up all around. Lag? Lag was funky.

                                I guess what I hated the most about BO2 is that not many people played it. I lost contact with many old allies who I wish I still gamed with. More often than not I was all by myself. OH AND GOD DAMN MODAFUDGING LMGS GOING CHOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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                                  Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                  Multiplayer was fun until Ghosts dropped. Now ActivisionTreyarch doesn't GAF and it's overrun with retard hackers and other sorts of lowlifes.     

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                                    Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                    Overall, my Bo2 experience wasn't all that bad. Sure I got mad about certain things, but all in all it wasn't bad.


                                    The main problems I had/have with this game are:

                                    • Connection. I don't normally have connection problems or lag, but when I do it gets pretty harsh to the point where I have to stop playing for awhile.
                                    • Some players get annoying. This one isn't necessarily that bad, since I can normally work around it with ease. However sometimes there will be those players that annoy me to the point where I either have to leave, or try finishing the match but it seems endless because of annoyances.

                                    I don't have many complaints about the game, and I did enjoy it (for the most part), there were just a few things that angered me at times.

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                                      Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                      Campaign:  Hands down the best.  I actually cared about the characters and the story.  The missions with different outcomes depending on what happened was epic with it ending with different scenarios depending on what happened.  I might just go play it again now that I started talking about it.  I thought the campaign was epic in COD terms.  And even though it wasn't perfect, I loved the strikeforce missions.  I hope that comes back in Black Ops 3 or whatever the make.  I like it when they change things up and they did a great job.   The graphics were great too.  It was much easier to connect to the characters when you can see their emotions in their faces.


                                      MP:  Was terrible at first.  Just awful.  But after several  patches and hotfixes it became great.  I thought it was the most balanced COD ever.  QS was OP and stupid if they sniper had any kind of lag advantage.  Pistols were OP, but that was only a problem at closer ranges....usually.  Overall though I loved the guns and think that it had the best balance. 


                                      I didn't like that it had Targetfinder.  I felt that was OP because of all the headglitching spots.  The map layouts were great.  A nice change, but there were just too many headglitching spots.  Thankfully they made the wii remote aiming good enough that I could take those guys out at least sometimes. 


                                      Wii remote/DA.  DA AA was OP.  Stupid OP.  I hated it.  Maybe if we had the controls that we have in Ghost it would have bridged the gap a little more.  I still can't believe they never removed he aiming through walls deal.   The wii remote controls were eventually great, but that pause it had when you ADS while turning was a good way to get you killed since the DA players had that aim assist.  I eventually adjusted and got pretty good despite that, but it was definitely challenging to jerk the cursor to get it moving, and then jerk it back to get it on target again.  You didn't always have time to do that.  All and all though the controls were pretty darn good.


                                      Footsteps I think could have been a tad louder, but they worked well enough.


                                      The lag:  If I was in a party the lag was just terrible.  I did so much better playing solo.  Playing solo meant I didn't have lag the majority of the time.  It felt fair and balanced.  Then i would get in a match where I just run around and die a lot, but ti didn't happen much.  Overall though it ran great after they did the last connection hotfix.


                                      I loved the maps except for Slums and Hijacked.  Slums had not flank routes.  Hijacked was too small, and the spawns were terrible on both maps.  Other than that I thought the maps were great.  I liked them all. 

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                                          Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                          Ghosts has pretty much proved DA wasn't "OP". Good players are still good, bad players are still bad. Most Wiimoters and DA players have similar stats in Ghosts compared to what they had in BO2.


                                          The whole debate was a bandwagon excuse by bad players and salty Wiimoters to explain poor performance. Shame a lot of people honestly believed it too.

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                                              Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                              nintendon&#39;t wrote:


                                              Ghosts has pretty much proved DA wasn't "OP". Good players are still good, bad players are still bad. Most Wiimoters and DA players have similar stats in Ghosts compared to what they had in BO2.


                                              The whole debate was a bandwagon excuse by bad players and salty Wiimoters to explain poor performance. Shame a lot of people honestly believed it too.

                                              Nothing about Ghosts proves anything about DA AA.  You know why it doesn't.  And if you don't know why I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to you.  "Stop being an ass, even just for a day". 

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                                                  Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                  I'm being the ass but you have nothing to counter my point besides "nu-uh u r wrong".


                                                  The fact that there's no major difference between player's stats in both games proves that the stronger AA in BO2 had no meaningful effect on in game performance. If it was truly enhancing skill/deciding gunfights, I would've had a HUGE drop in stats compared to BO2 because of Ghost's very weak AA, but yet I didn't.


                                                  Even my accuracy on most guns is about the same as my BO2 guns (20% for full autos, 25-30 for semis/bursts).

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                                                      Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                      I have plenty to counter your argument, but not everything you post is worth my time.  If you fail to see why you're wrong, that doesn't mean that I have to spend my time explaining it to you.  That and the fact that you would argue about anything just to piss someone off doesn't make it worth it to me.  If you think DA AA in this game is fine, then good for you.  If you don't, and you're just trolling, then good for you.  I really don't care. 

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                                                          Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                          Yet you took the time to read my post and type that reply. People get pissed off by what I say because they KNOW I'm right and can't handle it.


                                                          Like you in this thread, you KNOW I'm on the money. All stats should've gone down with the much weaker assist, ESPECIALLY accuracy since the gunfights in Ghosts are at longer ranges. But they didn't. Pretty much proves BO2's AA had no effect on skill or performance. Sure, it might very rarely help a bad player win a gunfight or two, but overall it was irrelevant at higher levels of skill. Wiimoters stats barely changed between both games too (like yours), despite claims of how the stronger AA was putting Wiimoters at a disadvantage.


                                                          You can't even say "you can't compare two different CODs" because all we're talking about are aiming mechanics which are virtually unchanged on DA between both except for nerfed assist in Ghosts.

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                                                              Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                              nintendon&#39;t wrote:


                                                              Yet you took the time to read my post and type that reply. People get pissed off by what I say because they KNOW I'm right and can't handle it.



                                                              But I don't have time to get in ANOTHER aim assist debate with you.  Or at the very least I don't feel like it's worth my time.  And people get pissed off because of how you say things.  You can disagree with someone without telling them that they suck at the game.  You don't always have to be a douche about it.  Though I will admit some people are asking for it with what they say, but not every time you do it. 

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                                                                Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                nintendon&#39;t wrote:


                                                                Yet you took the time to read my post and type that reply. People get pissed off by what I say because they KNOW I'm right and can't handle it.


                                                                Like you in this thread, you KNOW I'm on the money. All stats should've gone down with the much weaker assist, ESPECIALLY accuracy since the gunfights in Ghosts are at longer ranges. But they didn't. Pretty much proves BO2's AA had no effect on skill or performance. Sure, it might very rarely help a bad player win a gunfight or two, but overall it was irrelevant at higher levels of skill. Wiimoters stats barely changed between both games too (like yours), despite claims of how the stronger AA was putting Wiimoters at a disadvantage.


                                                                You can't even say "you can't compare two different CODs" because all we're talking about are aiming mechanics which are virtually unchanged on DA between both except for nerfed assist in Ghosts.

                                                                And after reading this I'll tell you why I can't even have a debate right now about the aim assist in Ghosts.  I haven't tested it enough.  Not even close.  Player stats are just part of the equation.  You can't just compare the two games though.  You HAVE to do some testing.  Ghosts has completely different recoil mechanics with recoil multipliers along with faster times to kill.  Like the Fad has 10% less recoil on the first 10 shots.  Black Ops 2 has longer times to kill and therefore the potential for more missed shots.  You gotta factor that in too.  It would take a lot of testing to determine how all that effects a player's accuracy between the two games.  I don't even know if they should be compared.  One has less aim assist, different recoil, and faster times to kill while the other has more aim assist and slower time to kill.  I don't know which game has less recoil yet either.  Gotta test that.   People play different in Ghosts too.  People that used to run and gun in Black Ops 2 have to be more careful.  Less running and gunning could mean that they are more accurate cause they have more time to line up their shots.  It's not as simple as "my stats are similar" in both games  You gotta look at why they are similar or why they are different.   The wii remote is better in Ghosts too.  I don't know how much of a factor that is. 


                                                                I have the highest accuracy of anyone on my friends list in Ghosts right now.  I did not in Black Ops 2.  I don't know what that means yet.


                                                                See why I don't have time for a debate?  It took a while just to explain why I feel like I need to do more testing.  Then I have to do the testing, and then explain the results. My OCD would make that a long process.   I don't have that kind of time right now.

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                                                                    Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                    I suppose I could just say this:  "DA playerz akuracie is lower n mine is hire!  Dis provez DA wuz OP!" 


                                                                    I could do that and not do any kind of testing.  Seems to fit your logic. 

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                                                                        Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                        But that is literally your whole argument about DA being "OP" lol. Got shread to pieces by Ghosts.

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                                                                            Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                            How is that?    Accuracy stats alone prove it was far easier to aim.  Then you can aim through walls.  Testing it myself showed it was much easier to stay on target.  Hip firing or at a distance.  There was not a single situation where the wii remote had an advantage. (unless you had a KSG.  That was also just wrong) ADS would allow you find people hiding.   If you had FMJ you could usually shoot them without even seeing them.   I don't see how it's debatable.


                                                                            I also don't see how stats in Ghosts prove anything.   Most of the DA users on my friends list have 3-4% lower accuracy overall.  When you take into consideration the number of shots fired, that's a lot more misses.  I can't get a bigger picture though.  I don't know how to look at the stats of random people.  It doesn't show their accuracy like BLOPS 2 did.  If I were to base it on the stats that I do see, then there is a noticeable difference.  Their accuracy was higher than mine in BLOPS 2.  Now they are, on average, 2% lower than me.  That would backup my argument if that was all I were to go by.  Which right now that's all I've got.   Like I said, I haven't tested anything.  I haven't felt the need to.  It doesn't feel like everyone has crazy good aim in this game and the stats I see back that up.  You also mention that guns have no recoil.  Well try the wii remote. You'll notice the recoil.


                                                                            In summary, Ghosts doesn't even come close to proving DA wasn't OP.  I don't know why you think it does.  Especially without testing anything.

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                                                                        Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                        You're being a huge hypocrite, in one context you say kdr and stats mean nothing in this game, yet you use stats to compare controllers? How does that work?

                                                                        I think its ironic that on the old wii, where the wiimote is the primary controller, they managed to make the DA's work just fine, but couldn't do it the other way round on the WiiU, that proves the dev team don't have a decent wiimoter to test it.

                                                                        The other main factor with the WiiU is they got the connections on a global scale all wrong. You have no experience of what a bad connection feels like, and you can enjoy the games as they're meant to be, lucky you. But you enjoy blaming the player rather than the game. You're like that fat privileged kid that enjoys the best of everything and looks down on everyone else. Jeeeez its like reading a post by Castiel, and we all know he's full of it when he claims to be the best and we all blame our bad play on connection. Listen, do us a favour, if you're so good, then pick up a wiimote and complete some challenges, it won't be half as bad because you won't have to put up with lag too, but see how it is with a wiimote. That's what you tell us to do when we complain about QS's, pick up a DA and try yourself is what you say. Btw, would love to have a match in Ghosts with you while you're using the wiimote

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                                                              Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                              Overall I enjoyed it a lot more than I am currently enjoying Ghosts. Scorestreaks are a lot better in my opinion than pointstreaks and I really enjoyed the pretty maps compared to the uglier maps in Ghosts. I personally do not care for DLC considering that the money to buy the maps equaled the money to buy Ghosts since I really don't have much money.

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                                                                  Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                  I did something today I said I would never do again, yep, I played a few games of BO2 I actually went on to play ghosts, but before mid day there was a total of 3 players in hardcore, two of them were in a clan calmly waiting for people to turn up, but 3 people??? I couldn't even get a game of FFA in core either. I think that says a lot about ghosts Any way, even with my upgraded internet it was the same experience as ghosts, but it did seem that instead of dying from invisible players I actually did see them, just had no time to react. But I actually enjoyed the change. So, did I think BO2 had anything better than ghosts? Actually yes, the graphics are way better, I mean like 100% better and the sound effects of the guns and explosions are way superior too. But better graphics and better maps meant I could see enemy players, they didn't just blend into the shadows. And despite a few times where someone was standing right in front of me and I'm emptying an extended vector clip into him without one single hitmarker and he turns and kills me in a second, I didn't get a single disconnection, that surprised me. I lost connection to a host once, but was able to return to the game, but I didn't get kicked from the servers and come back on a strict nat like I do in ghosts. My conclusion? They're both still crap games, but BO2 has the edge, I think..

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                                                                  Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

                                                                  I felt like bumping this thread. So I did.

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