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    Registration issue's I got the fix for ya!

      U can only use the letters from alphabet and use numbers if u have and symbols or punctuation the registration wont work. So go to elite edit and delete the symbols and punctuation. My clan was called North America's with apostrophe then deleted so now its North Americas mashed together.  Once they launch the full server on the 5th i believe u can edit it back to the way u want.



      Hope this works for you guys!  Good luck and game on!

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          Re: Registration issue's I got the fix for ya!

          This has been posted but thanks for re-itterating the fix. As for being able to put the punctuation back in on the 5th, don't be so sure. With BO2 they had similar issues and were never able to fix it, though in fairness they didn't fix anything with Elite in the last year.


          I hope you are right that they will allow it, but I'm just careful to assume anything at this point.

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              Re: Registration issue's I got the fix for ya!

              Ya figure would post again cause i noticed that there's still some people having trouble and give them a chance to fix it and hope this is only temporary thing I know this server and site is against us.... Its been nothing but problem but as a community hopefully there's people watching and listening to there customers.

              I worked for my black ops clan until now and worked mw3 its just this registration i have issues. I haven t been able recruit for over a month.

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