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    ATTN!! please read and share this to treyarch or anyone....can this game be made? ,,,,,,

      i love killing zombies,im sure everyone else does.  what id like to see is a Call Of Duty ZOMBIES Game.

      like red dead redemtion has.  a humongus world. where me n my friend or a few people. can get on there and kill,kill,kill zombies.  no building windows or stuff like that.  no expensive perks. just me ,my friend and weapons to kill a hord of zombies. theyve come out with dead island,red dead zombies, and i see they are coming out with dying light.

      i just want a ZOMBIE SOLDIER Call Of Duty Game. city to city like just cause. but also like battlefield.

      if naughty dog,treyarch or whome ever can make this kind of Big world Dc Universe/skyrim/battlefield/justcause/red dead redemtion/ call of duty Zombies world game  that would be awsum.   come on treyarch THINK_THINK_THINK.........i give ya an idea. make it happen. oh also if a zombie can jump or climb so do i . i didnt like where i was on the terrese and a friggin zombie jump from the ground up and i couldnt.  i want to climb,jump,crawl,grapple hook,glide,slide,scale walls,ladders,balconies,elevators, DESTROY buildings....everything and anything ya can think of and a real person be able to do,  maybe make a map called hometown.............like baltimore harbor,new yprk,china,france,egypt,urope,africa w animals(zombies)  world wide devistation.   BIG WORLD.........for everything id pay more then 60 bucks to play a great graphical,gameplay world.no glitches.......take your time on this guys.Make it happen for 2014......................................CALL OF DUTY - devistation.--WORLD OF ZOMBIES..Opocolypse......let caractures talk about the bible ,four horsemen ........single player........or 2 to what ever many player multiplay  i dont want credit for this idea...ill just take 2-4 free games when it comes out so me and my friends can KILLZombies

      Thanks for listening.looking forward to playing it in the future

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