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    Occupy Search & Destroy

      I know BO2 is coming to the end of it's cycle so this goes for all future CODs as well. It's just a call to the community to flood SnD with players who actually want to play the game mode. It used to be my favourite but now it seems to usually just be me on a team of montage snipers going up against a team of riot shield trolls. If I dare shoot someone with an actual gun I'm usually told to "go play League, tryhard"


      I know I'm basically just moaning here and people do have the right to play however they want but there used to be nothing better than a tense SnD game when it's down to a 1v1. Now that 1v1 is usually some guy trying to shock charge someone for a sniper killcam or you realise that the last guy on your team is the 5th KYRSpeedy wannabe you've seen today and he's camping spawn with a riot shield.


      So let's go 'tryhard' and flush them out.

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          Re: Occupy Search & Destroy

          play HCSND, the better variant.

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            Re: Occupy Search & Destroy

            I have noticed the same thing to some extent.  It seems like in more than any other game type the lobby will be filled with children screaming, or kids with broken thumbs running around with riot shield, fast hands, c4 and or shock charges.  YAY!  It can be annoying, but can also make for some good fun.  When you find yourself in a lobby that's a joke, throw on a fun class and entice the squeakers into raging.  Then every once in a while I find myself in a lobby with people who's SPM is 110+ like mine, and know what they are doing.  That is also fun, but if you always want intense Search action, go hardcore, or play league/scrims.  Or don't play search... that's generally the route I take.

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