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        BO2 was the first game of this type that I played multi-player on. I've played the other SOD titles, but only the campaign part of the game. I bought BO2 and it was actually my son who got me interested in trying the multi-player part of it.


        So, having said that, I don't have a multi-player history with this franchise like most of you do. Now while my opinion is pretty much from a "noob" perspective, I have to say that I have enjoyed this game and it's multi-player aspect. Have I been frustrated with it at times? Sure! Have I experienced the lag issues? You bet. Do I find some of the weapons to be remarkably un-authentic in their function? Yes I do. How people snipe with pistols just makes no sense to me!


        It's been a learning curve for me. I am in no way a "hard-core" gamer. I have other interests (and a job!). But over-all, it's been fun. For one thing, it's just another thing for my son and I to bond over. And we've actually "met" some nice people on line that we not only play BO2 with, but my son plays other games with, as well.


        I guess, in a nut shell, that's it for me. I'd rate it a 8/10. Yes, we've had issues with servers and connections and all the rest. But I think the positives - for me - slightly outweigh the negatives. Again, I'm sure you guys who have more experience with the other titles know all the deficiencies with BO2, as compared to something else. But I only know what I know, and over-all I'm happy with it. I'm looking forward to Ghosts.


        What's that saying? "Ignornace is bliss"? Guess that's me!


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          DjangoBlack2 wrote:


          SirDarthVader wrote:


          My Opinion? I think it is the most BORING Call of duty ever. BO2 may have been more of something new than MW3 was but at least MW3 was hectic and fun. I can play BO2 for 1-2 months then I get bored and feel it's worn out. Even one zombies map sucked, TRANZIT.  I like Black Ops 2 alot but it feels just so boring if you play it alot, with MW3 I was addicted to it everyday. At the end of the day it's the fun that counts, Treyarch made an amazing game I have to admit but I just get bored of it if I play alot.


          The weapons are boring because there are only 2 effective weapon categories and that's SMG's and Snipers.

          Me and my SMR happily prove you otherwise.

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            wheres GHOST? call me when its here

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              Megadog14 wrote:

              Me and my SMR happily prove you otherwise.

              You can add my SCAR to the list. 

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                chico is very underrated so you can add that in there also

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                  Black Ops 2 in my opinion is easily the worst game of the series. At this point, I don't feel I even need to list the various problems with this game but I will sum it up as the most inconsistent Cod multiplayer experience yet.  I know for sure that I will never purchase another Treyarch game.

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                    pretty poor. 4 out of 10 maybe.


                    1. Maps, omg are they boring and small. All maps pretty much had the same general lay out.


                    2. Weapons, bad bad and just bad. Only two classes were generally needed, SMG and snipers. WITH EXCEPTION to the SMR and FAL (but i think they nerfed the fal)


                    3. LAG COMPENSATION. who's terrible brain fart of an idea was that. When ever i played . i always felt the lag compensation was causing me to fart. in all honestly though. from what has been described is that lag comp AVERAGES THE GAME out so all games have a similar speed. Well guess waht. I PAID for faster internet , so unless they want to re pay the difference for regular speed internet . LEAVE IT OUT. I don't believe in communism.


                    4. Campaign. wtf was that? thats the best they could come up with? Predictable plot twists. generic game flow. Gimmic's left right and center . flash back , flash forward, flash this!


                    5. Age group . The real intended audience. 8-15 , no team work ever from that age group. How many time did you hear a squeaker complain about anyone who shot them , "He/she is camping" every time.. of what worse is when you hear a squeaker talking to him mommy in the background about sharing the ps3. "buuttttt moooommmm  , (insert bro or sis) has already played, its my turn mom"

                    Or.. " (parent) have you finished your homework? ".... (kid) Mommy get out the way... Oh great you got me killed... i'll do  my homework soon....."    "(parent) not later , NOW..." (kid) butttt mom......*sobs*


                    6. TAC INSERT, While some used it correctly. Others abused it and ruined people games by having a premature end to the games they were in. Surely treyarc had enough brains to study the other cod titles and see the problems the tac insert had. YET THE simply copied and pasted the other cods to make this one.

                         If you want the tac insert , fine but make it so boosting can't be done. (have a proximity to enemy denial) or something


                    8. score streaks. With the tac insert and people could go nuts.

                    Think about this. Your boosting. so Your boosting buddy throws down 2 bouncing betties  or something else , You shoot the at 50xp each so a total of 100xp for shooting the bouncing betties. and then shoot the player. so bow thats 200xp. which quickly adds up.

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                      REVENGOLOGY wrote:


                      chico is very underrated so you can add that in there also


                      The Chicom is Submachine Gun and no Assault Rifle.

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                        LOL! That's one of your typical answers. I don't believe unless you'll show me your stats with this weapon.

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                          Ill upload some gameplay next time i use it.

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