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    funny names

      I laugh at some. while think Wow. pretty sad at others.


      The ones that are original i find pretty funny and usually the personality fits when you chat with them online.


      I usually find though the younger squeaker crowd come up with the racial names because they don't have the mental capacity to think of something good.

      While their are older gamers who are just as recially motivated to put some form of slur in their name or tag, i've generally come to see young squeakers doing it.


      How about you guys. any funny names out their? (no naming and shamin) maybe leave a letter or 2 out.

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          Re: funny names

          (Funny how you reference 'mental capacity' and then use "their," instead of "there.")


          I saw "UltraTroll9000."  (reminds me of a Get a Life episode title)


          Anything with "FaZe" or "OpTic," in it is hilarious:  pro thumb twiddlers, huh?

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            Re: funny names

            Want some funny names?





            xScoP3ZPr0PlaYeRRR (beware, those are examples that i find commonly online :V)


            Sigh...sad thing is that those guys were using everything than sniper (and the some of those using those "names" were really annoying quickscopers -.-'')

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              Re: funny names

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