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    You better not screw up IW .... watch this

      Couldnt agree more , Soundwhoring perks have no place in CoD , Dead Silence promotes movement, Sithrep pro promotes camping PERIOD !!!!!!!



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          Not watching your 9 minute video that probably isnt even yours, I think IW will be ok.

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            Post edited. OP, you can created captivating discussion without the profanity.


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              Sith huh? Star Wars fan Foxhound?

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                2 things:


                1) i dont think anyone here is going to watch/listen for 9 mintues to a guy just complaining the whole time.


                2) the reason for making sitrep cancel out dead silence is because before then, dead silence had NO counter. It was one of the only things in the game that DID NOT have a counter and since they try to make everything have a counter, they made sitrep hear dead silence so it WOULD have a counter.


                If you are so worried about people camping with this, do what us normal and capable players do.......tube them or throw an explosive around the corner. That simple. There is no excuse for you to have that much trouble with people who use this perk. I am going to assume you are a runner and dont like to check your corners so all i have to say is, SLOW DOWN and CHECK YOUR CORNERS. It will help you somewhat avoid this perk if you just use common sense and caution instead of just rushing around everywhere.

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                  fist the guy's made a youtube career out of complaining about everything regardless of his facts are correct or not.. yeah think i'll pass on that one

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                    what are the rules on profanity anyhow? ill have a word or two pop up every now and then but its not really excessive on my part

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                      I watched the video out of boredom rather than curiousity, although he has somewhat of a point, if you apply his logic on sitrep/dead silence you need to apply it to every other perk/element of the game.


                      I mean whats the point in having killstreaks when there are perks that counter them? they may aswell call them "sometimes kill someone streaks"


                      Thats sarcasm by the way.


                      So what if dead silence has a counter? not every player will use it, just the same as not every player will use off the grid or recon or any other perk in the game.


                      You'll just have to deal with it the same as everyone else has to.


                      If having a counter to something is that much of a deal then cod really isnt the game for you as pretty much everything has a counter.

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                        Camping is a strategy, if you don't like it don't play. At least it's not exploiting, QSing, etc. Sitrep or not I will camp when I feel the need to make you cry.

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                          Odd.  I used Sitrep on my rushing SMG class so that I could see enemy equipment and the sound whoring was also nice.  And I used Dead Silence on my class that I liked to go parkour with due to the no fall damage benefit.  When I came across a camper, I'd just shoot them regardless of which perk I used.  I must have been doing it wrong.  It's probably like how Assassin ruined the game according to every YTer on the planet and yet you can't find a video from any of them this year in which they aren't using Ghost on every class.  I'd say that this argument is much the same.  The only reason YTers complain about it is because they know that they can easily hear their enemies with their high dollar headsets and they don't want anyone else to have that advantage.  It's not good for their high score gameplays.  I find this argument to be rather shallow and self serving.


                          PS:  I didn't watch the video.  The argument is old and not worth 9 minutes of my time.

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