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    Need a clan (PS3)

      I'm looking for a black ops 2 clan that is already registered for ghosts. I'm 22 from Ohio and im on everyday all throughout the day. I have a mic but I don't use it much because of my tendency to swear a lot and offend people that trash talk when their in my kill cams. I was a lot better than I am now but I crushed my hand at work in July and my thumb and a few of my fingers don't bend like they should. Right now my k/d is only 1.13, my spm is 170, and my win/loss ratio is 44%. Like I said my stats were better before my accident. My mode of choice is TDM on core and hardcore (I prefer hardcore), some domination, headquarters, kill confirmed, and zombies. Im looking for an established clan with at least 15-20 members that will actually play with me during challenges and ops, but also likes to just play and have some fun. Either message me on here or on the ps3.

      PSN id: HangEmHigh1990.

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          Re: Need a clan (PS3)

          Hey bro, I'm with a new clan called the Savage Outcast Battalion and we are seeking highly motivated, active members to join our Community. We are definitely preparing for Ghosts and already have our clan name reserved. If you are interested in checking us out, please visit our website, Savage-Outcasts.com

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            Re: Need a clan (PS3)

            hey!! check us out. we're everything your looking for



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              Re: Need a clan (PS3)

              Hi, HangEmHigh1990


              My name is Brandon and i am the "President" of "Lethal Gun Fire" We are already registered on ghosts and we are looking for PS3 leaders if you would like that position its yours you just will have alot of responsibilities and will need to recruit people cause i cant be on 2 consoles at once.


              We have:



              Rank Structure

              Code Of Honor


              Weekly Activities






              Must be mature

              have a headset

              sign up on site and stay active on it


              Thank you contact me back on here or email which is lethalgunfire@gmail.com


              Website: www.lgfgaming.enjin.com


              Thank You!!

              LGF President

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                Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                xYz is still recruiting. We have 26 members in total with only 3 on elite so far cause elite has been having some issues lately.The link to the elite website is https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/11834706 Were gonna be having a website for the clan soon too. If you wana join add my psn ID Snapyofinger

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                  Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                  DeMiGod WarrioR

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                    Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                    Hey, HangEmHigh. My new clan Sigma 6 Gaming is currently recruiting. It was established October 13th so we're relatively new.We support XBOX and PlayStation and we're also moving to Ghost on release. We're also looking for dedicated leaders. If your interested feel free to drop an application at http://s6g-hq.enjin.com an I'll get you started.



                    S6G Chief of Staff


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                      Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                      Hey, check out Zeonic Force Gaming. We are a PlayStation Call of Duty exclusive clan. We opened on March 27 and already have over 250 registered members on our forums. We currently have 50 members on our elite roster with our very own PlayStation pro team of (10). A little about us.... We mostly play Domination and we win all of them. So don't think that you don't like Dom till you see how we all have orbitals on. That's not really the only mode we play. We also play  League and TDM/Hardcore etc.




                      Check out our website you won't regret it. We are all above 20 years of age with a lot of military guys on our clan.

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                        Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                        Check us out at http://vghq.org We're always recruiting for new members, and we're registered and ready for Ghosts!


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                          Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                          hey hangem,


                          i'm Torba14 and i'm the recruiting officer of Reloaded Zone. we're a multinational clan with over 20 people from 8 different countries

                          we're offering you ( and anyone reading this ) an invitation to a clan in which everyone trusts and respects each other

                          all that we ask of you is to follow our 2 week trial. in this trial we look to see if you're fit for the clan ( follow the rules, play fairly etc. )

                          if you're 18+ and interested feel free to visit us at rzclan.net or if you have any questions feel free to send me a mail attorba14@rzclan.com

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                            Re: Need a clan (PS3)

                            Hangem High how are you doing i was the leader from Lethal Gun Fire. I have merged with my brothers clan and we are recruiting and looking to fill the PS3 roster. Hopefully we cant get a PS3 leader so if you want the position its yours i cant be at 2 systems at once. We have all the stuff i had in lethal gun fire. The responsibilities to the clan  are simple just recruit stay active on the site and console and you will learn and make it higher in the clan ranking system. If you have any questions or wanna join email me at rawvisionsupport@aol.com


                            Sign up and Apply at www.rawvision.enjin.com/recruitment

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