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        390. Re: Quickscoping

        It has not been locked yet because another would be created to continue on the cycle. better to have it in one thread then spanned across a dozen all doing the same. At least that is my guess on it.

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          391. Re: Quickscoping

          It is going in a circle because everyone stated their view points, argued over who thought who was right and should have stopped a while back. But since we have certain people here (not naming names) who dont know when to just say "agree to disagree", it has now become too long of a thread.


          But this is EXACTLY what separates the groups of QS and non-QS. I knew this thread would blow up. What people dont realize is that when you start talking about a "playstyle" that a mostly immature group uses, things like this will happen. I am not saying all those who QS are immature, but the majority of them are. What separates QS from most groups on this game is how they handle criticism, not well. Every thread that has been created that talks about QS has turned into a name calling thread because the QS just cant handle being told certain things.


          Im a tuber but you dont see my group coming on here and raising hell over someone bashing us do you? No. You dont see campers coming on here and bashing those who complain about them do you? No. That is because we are more mature than that. We dont go into threads trying to raise hell. If we see a thread geared toward our group, we go into the thread put our 2 cents in and try to disprove any misconceptions there are, but other than that, we leave after we said our piece. QS dont do that. Just like in the game, they constantly bombard others with all kinds of crap. That is the kind of group they are. Grant it, there are a few that are mature, but unfortunately for them, they do not speak for the entirety of their group.


          So with that being said, everyone here has said their piece, but there will still be some that will carry this thread, dead set on trying to prove others wrong or whatever the case may be. All we have to do now is just wait 2 more weeks and we will ALL see what will go down.

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            392. Re: Quickscoping

            Why are we still doing this?


            dead horse

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              393. Re: Quickscoping

              MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY! No matter how civil you try to be, you can't have a sane discussion with these QSers, no amount of logic or reason will stick with them, they somehow have it engraved in their minds that abusing age-old exploits and quickly pressing a couple buttons on your controller while Aimbot takes care of the rest for you somehow takes soooooooo much skill to do, while "spraying with an overpowered SMG or AR" takes no skill (even though, get this: you can also "spray" with a semi-auto sniper rifle, but that's a different topic for another day). Tell me, what's easier: a gun with low range, low damage from anywhere, recoil, sub-standard ADS speed, slow reload time, limited aim assist, and low bullet spread (you have to actually HIT the guy in order to get the kill, numerous times) or a gun with infinite range, insta-kill from anywhere, no recoil, super fast ADS speed, super fast reload time, Aimbot and 5 foot bullet spread (Wanted Pro, as in, the bullets will COMPLETELY MISS half the time and still give you the kill)?


              But then again, what do you expect when this pretty much sums up your whole community (it's LOLZworthy):



              crying, punching walls and threatening David VonderHaar's life over a f'ing PATCH in a videogame that was WAY overdue-and very minuscule compared to the many nerfs us SMG and AR players have got on our guns in BO2, and you never saw us crying about it or threatening to kill DVH-and guess what? The snipers in BO2 are still mad OP, they're still beasting f'ing shotguns from up close, something no "OP spraying gun" as these QSers like to call them (basically an SMG or AR) is or ever was capable of doing, and they're still hitting walls and somehow getting one hit insta-kills to this day, there's thousands of post-patch BO2 gameplay commentaries on YouTube showing that all of this is still happening with the snipers, and NONE of this should EVER happen in ANY online shooter.

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                394. Re: Quickscoping

                That's aim assist and bad camera angles and lag not quickscoping cause it's just a mechanic that requires people to aim still. Last time I checked all guns have aim assist and lag will always be present with every gun and you can use bad camera angles while aiming with any gun and get the same barely aiming kill that you just said. Attack aim assist and bad camera angles if you want quickscoping to be ten times harder.

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                  395. Re: Quickscoping

                  Too bad there's no Stickies in this forum.  One Stick'd QS thread to let everyone, including myself, pontificate about, or (sorry to be crude) defecate on, it all day. 

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                    396. Re: Quickscoping

                    havent been around for a few days was hospitalized again.


                    you know the same exact thing can be said about you guys. No amount of logic or reasoning sticks with your side either. They are not abusing any kind of exploit or glitch. If it was a glitch the developers would have stated it as such and people using it would get banned. They do not abuse "aim bot". But because you guys got it into your head thats what they were doing no matter what anyone does thats what you guys will always believe.


                    If they are abusing that mechanic then why do most of the people who are against QS and those who are fine with it have little issue with killing them? If they are abusing an AIM bot, then why do they miss more often then landing their shot?


                    And to the other guy, Im not projecting my experiences. Im going off of what you all have said. Just about every single person against and for it has said they dont have many issues killing them. How can this be such a big problem if they are dieing more often then they are killing? Sure it has a one hit kill but they have to land that one hit and the way this game is, the advantage is still with the SMG and AR user.


                    Firesens you want its accuracy to be lessened because you think its too easy to do, I disagree, If I aimed at you why shouldnt I deserve the kill? Most Quickscopers will tell you they either didnt stop on the black scope and full aimed in or they used crosshairs taped or drawn on their screens.


                    And yea some morons sent death threats... but sadly its not just Snipers that do it. Every single game out there has people like that. couple months ago a guy threatened suicide over a patch in Dota that nerfed his favorite hero.


                    The funny thing here is, The people here try to make QS sound like it gives the sniper overwhelming godmode auto aim. But at the same time most of the people who have posted here have said that they dont struggle to kill these godlike monsters with perfect aim and an instant kill time. Does QS need to be nerfed? No, why? because it apparently isnt doing much other then annoying you guys. Hell according to some only 1% of the population uses it.

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                      397. Re: Quickscoping

                      Even though the developers themselves (i.e: Robert Bowling) ADMITTED that it's part of aim assist, meaning it doesn't require you to aim? And clearly, if the guy "halfway" pulls up his gun (meaning he didn't pull up his gun) and split-second kills me without even scoping in, it didn't require him to move his sights on me one bit.


                      And yes, all other guns have aim assist, the difference is, an SMG or AR takes 5 or 6 shots to kill from any range (barring headshots), a sniper takes ONE from literally any distance. Also, the aim assist will push your crosshairs off the guy after the first shot with an SMG or AR (meaning your first shot is the only one that's actually "assisted" with a regular gun) whereas with a sniper, the first shot is obviously all you need, even if it hits them in the leg (which, to my knowledge, no real gun ever did that, let alone a "virtual" gun that's supposed to be much weaker than its real life counterpart for the sake of balance and fun) and there's no recoil on them, so clearly, the sniper is the only gun that *truly* benefits from having aim assist.

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                        398. Re: Quickscoping

                        Quickscoping is always gonna be there no matter what. Theres people out there that only quickscope. So they get good. I think quickscoping should be hard as hell to do and require a lot of practice so some noob doesnt come around the corner all the time and quickscope you. But we will see what ghost has to offer

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                          399. Re: Quickscoping

                          But here's the thing I'm not a quickscoper and I am disagreeing with you why? Because I don't believe in attacking part of the problem and ruining the game for someone who's not even involved in their so called "community" the quickscopers. The main problem isn't quickscoping at all the problem is bad camera angles and aim assist which affect ALL guns not just snipers if you want quickscoping to be harder or removed you attack what's actually causing the problem. I believe that ALL powerful weapons should take skill and be hard to use meaning all one shot kill weapons and two shot kill weapons should require the most skill to use meaning shotguns and semi automatics and snipers not just the snipers. Let me tell you a couple stories in Black Ops 1 I got a very questionable kill in Summit using the L96 did I quickscope? No I went up the stairs of the main room of the main building as someone went to run away down the hall I aimed my sniper found my mark and shot all in one second and a half right when he was half way across the wall I did that with out quickscoping. In Black Ops 2 yesterday I went 29-8 with a 870 shotgun not a sniper and I barely had to aim to get one shot kills at medium range. After that game I used the LSAT the wrong way I was running and gunning killing a bunch of spawn campers and turning the game around at the 7 minute mark we were losing really bad at the beginning of the game and I turned it around going 30-11 beating the other team rising above all of my team and theirs was I quickscoping? No I wasn't so this pointless argument isn't needed also I don't think there has been a quickscoper commenting in this forum so yea they can handle negativity about them as for campers no they can't handle negative comments cause they attack anyone complaining about camping with a learn to adapt remark or they call them garbage. As for Noob Tubers you are right about that they handle all the negative criticism that this community shoves at them on a daily basis. All I am saying is stop complaining about them it's not needed Infinity Ward already said they removed almost all of it meaning they made it way harder to do end of story I am glad they made it harder to be honest cause quite frankly all powerful guns in Black Ops 2 were too easy to use.

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