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    Looking for Xbox 360 clan

      im looking for an xbox 360 clan to play battlefield and cod with im 16 from oklahoma i have a 1.85 k/d and i will possibly be gettin ghosts and battlefield 4 if you have questions or need to talk messege me gt is Hayddes

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          Hey Reflex4,

          I am Cj aka WillyWooTang and I am the Founder of Shoot First Ask Later,

          We are a multi console gaming clan, we are small clan that is growing at least 1-2 members a day, at this time we do have a fully running site that has all the information that you need to know. If do choose to check us out our site is full to the public, well not all of it. You can talk to members and see how everything is going as well.

          We do have Elite Events every weekend and weekdays as well which our are main events, late weekend we scored 11 out of 2700 clans in Core TDM. So we do not have the huge amount of members than most clans do but we have skill.


          Check us out at xsfalx.enjin.com, the site is always having a new look to it cause it gets old to look at 1 thing all the time,

          My GT: WillyWooTang

          If you wish to contact me do so here or on the site in the Contact Me link.

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            Hey could I join your clan I am a Blackops 2 quickscoper. I have been trying to find a clan forever.

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              I am the leader of RSSq. Our clan K/D is 1.85 with almost 50 members. If you would like more info add me Tadalack86.