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    Looking for PS3 clan!

      Looking for a fun mature clan, I mostly play hardcore domination but will play any game type. Feel free to friend me kryted_wolf.

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          Re: Looking for PS3 clan!

          Check out Veritas Gaming!

          We're looking to reopen our HC squad. Come join us!



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            Re: Looking for PS3 clan!

            hey krypted,


            i'm Torba14 and i'm the recruiting officer of Reloaded Zone. we're a multinational clan with over 20 people from 8 different countries

            we're offering you ( and anyone reading this ) an invitation to a clan in which everyone trusts and respects each other

            all that we ask of you is to follow our 2 week trial. in this trial we look to see if you're fit for the clan ( follow the rules, play fairly etc. )

            if you're 18+ and interested feel free to visit us at rzclan.net or if you have any questions feel free to send me a mail attorba14@rzclan.com

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              Re: Looking for PS3 clan!



              My name is Brandon aka Scrubz Ez check us out on our site we need a ps3 leader and to get ps3 members in here we are a great clan man. www.rawvision.enjin.com/recruitment


              any questions email me at rawvisionsupport@aol.com


              Thank You!!

              RV COO

              RV Support Team

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                Re: Looking for PS3 clan!

                Hey Krypted,

                We are Shoot First Ask Later, I am Cj the Founder/Leader which ever you prefer. We are a multi-console gaming community, we are have 20 members so far (including me), We are always looking for PS3 members to join us, we do provide many group activities in the clan, for example I gave $25 to the best recruiter for the month. We have 5 PS3/PS4 members at this time and we need players like yourself who love the game and have fun playing it also.

                Once we have about 2 more PS3 members one of the older gamers will make a PS3 Division and they will take over the PS3 members but under my rules of course.


                At this time I we do have a site http://xsfalx.enjin.com that is full updated and running 100% and is open to the public (not all but you get it). Here you can see what we do, how we are as a family/team and you can even talk to other members if they are or just message them.


                If you wish to contact me this site will be good or there is a link on our site Contact Me and that sends all messages to only me, myself, and I.

                So have a look and everything and hopefully we can have 1 more member on the site,

                If you do not join good luck and happy gaming Cj aka WillyWooTang

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                  Re: Looking for PS3 clan!

                  Hi Everyone, 

                  I am looking for an Active Bo2 ps3 clan,



                  Struggling from a month to join a clan.

                  K/ D : 0.59 and improving

                  SMP : 158 and going on

                  Most Game Played : Domination & Search and Destroy

                  Prestige : 1

                  Level : 52...


                  That's all about me, I may not be the best. But I know how to get the job done.

                  Struggling with K/D. However need a chance to prove myself.

                  NO MIC.







                  NOTE: Because of this website issue I am unable to accept any clan requests, please add me on PS3.

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                    Re: Looking for PS3 clan!

                    your always well come here Warrior, and I know that you will not let us down, just be active with members, the site and just have fun. This is a game not a life style (to some it is), Remember: Your life is first and gaming is 2nd, I will never punish a member cause something has happened to them or family and they are off for long amount of time, I would like a reason though.

                    So stop buy xsfalx.enjin.com


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                      Re: Looking for PS3 clan!

                      hey ill get u in with my clan tonight theres no need to try out for UKFM UKFIGHTINGMEN


                      WERE CURRENTLY 54TH IN THE WORLD


                      only play hardcore


                      my psn id is Golly_Wog2013

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