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    Cod4 hacked................ AGAIN!



      So about a month and a half ago my cod4 account got hacked. I cannot get online to play any games and my xp is around +30000000! And yes I have tried the reset tool 4 times and nothing has been done to help the situation. I love cod4 it's an awesome online game, only hackers are ruining it for everyone. Anyhow, so I decided to make another account which I paid for another online sub thru xbox 360, then that one got hacked about a day ago. My satisfaction with this game right now is at an all time low!! And has made question whether or not I would buy another activision title. Please activision!! help me out with my accounts.



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          Hello Kiwist,


          I am very sorry to hear that you have encountered these types of issues on Call of Duty 4. We are continuing to improve the functionality of the reset request for Xbox. Currently, there is no way to reset PC/PS3, but could be subject to change in the future.


          At this time I ask that you continue to keep trying the reset tool and let us know of any changes.




          ATVI Support

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            This is stupid!!! I thought by actually starting this thread you guys might do something about my accounts. This reset tool you offer dose absolutely NOTHING!! I have used it over and over again. I understand activision has other titles they probably prioritise over COD4, but COD4 is, from what I gather, a hugly popular game!! I am one of many that find playing this game a lot of fun when u can get a chance to play it without hackers. And that's the other thing....... why is there not more done to prevent hackers from making the online experience and shitty one? I pay good money for my xbox subs and COD4 is the only game I play online and it has now made me question if I want my xbox all together!! If I cant play the game I love playing whats the point right??  And also, I have read other COD4 forums where people do not want to buy anymore activision titles and i'm seriously considering doing the same. If you cant ensure users they can have a fun and hacker free online experience then don't put it out there. If it affects future games then it's no wonder people don't want to buy another COD game. This has put me off buying COD Ghost, I was looking forward to getting it but now I cant be bothered.

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                My COD4 account was hacked, and it needs resetting too. I have applied for the Stat Reset using the online tool many, many, many times and still nothing. So I posted a question on the forums here before, and they closed the thread saying "If the account has not been reset, it may be possible due to a possible delay or an issue with the account itself", but never said what the problem may be.


                Anyway, I have been patient and waited and still nothing, so I'm posting on here in the vain hope someone reads this and resets my account to zero.

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                    Hi Kochanowski,


                    Unfortunately, we do not have the details of your account.  By submitting a request for a reset online, the request goes to the proper parties.  If the account is beyond the point were it cannot be reset due to corruption, unfortunately the account cannot be reset.  If there is a chance for the account and it hasn't been reset as of yet, it may be due to a delay.  You may want to try the online request again as this is the only way to request a reset on the account. Activision Support


                    Regards ^AH