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        The laest batch of Thor stills look amazing!  And I really love the Empire cover that has the shot of Thor in mid-air with his hammer reared back to strike.  Can't wait for this movie!

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          So far everything about the movie looked really good. It really feels like the movie will have some gravitas and be incredibly epic. Really, really looking forward to this movie.

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            Hi Res shots of the pics that came out last week!  Everything looks so pretty, haha.

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              Kind of amazing at how popular Loki has become. However it is well deserved as Hiddleston did a wondeful job of playing Loki with nuance and style. They gave him motivation to be bad and I liked that and in both films Loki was fantastic.


              Hawk the pictures do look great and I am so excited about this movie.

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                A couple more character posters featuring Volstagg and Fandral.  Looking good!

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                  Those look awesome!  I sure hope this movie is as great as it looks to be cause it's been looking like it could be one of the best Marvel movies yet.

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                    Well it looks like time to completly stop clicking on anything Thor related as to avoid spoilers.  I took a peek and Rotten Tomatoes already has a few reviews up (seems early doesn't it?) but I just read the little summaries.  They are pretty good so far.  The only thing that I've read that sticks out to me as disappointing is limited screen time for the Warriors Three.  It's not a huge deal since they are supporting characters anyway but hopefully they make the most of their screen time!


                    Let the countdown begin!  17 days!

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                      Haha, I stopped clicking a while ago, but I heard that there's two after-credit spoilers!  One is supposed to be mid-credits like Thanos for Avengers and there's another at the very end.  That's too bad about the Warriors Three not getting much screen time, it seemed like they were gonna be in it more than the first one.  Hopefully we still get a lot of Sif!

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                        I stopped clicking on Thor-related stuff a while ago, too.  Everything worth hearing about has spoilers at this point, so I gotta avoid those!  It's really getting close, though.  It's kinda weird to have a Marvel movie launching in November.  I'm so used to going to see them in the summer.  Not that I'm complaining, though! 

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                          I am with you guys have to be really careful about what to look at and I have not watched any of the TV spots. It is getting close less than two weeks now, yay!!

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