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        70. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

        Cold blooded is not useless against them. It is not meant to make you disappear from the sight itself. Just for the triangle not to show up. Which it does, meaning they have to locate you themselves and shoot. In fact it is the opposite with the dual band for the darker players are easy to see in well lit area's not harder. Cold blooded was never meant to make you invisible to the sights, just take away their default effect.

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          71. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

          If you get getting spotted by a target finder, 90% of the time it's because you are being a Baby Buffalo and running through wide open areas of the map without playing for cover or safety (the other 10% being you are caught in a head-glitch etc).


          Personally, I now enjoy matches where several/all members of the other team are using the target finder. What it does, is it forces me to change the way I play. I'm typically a really aggressive player, but with knowledge that the other team is using the TFs things like using cover to move around the map, or using equipment like stuns or smoke grenades, or being VERY aggressive with your flanking routes, brings a really welcome challenge for me.


          On Carrier for example - try not going anywhere near the middle of the map for the entire round & flank. You'll have a lot of success against target fingers if you use your map knowledge and map awareness. As someone already mentioned, TFs with LMGs is a great combination. On some ARs it works really well as well. But it's hardly an OP setup. If it was, EVERYONE would use them on EVERY weapon, and we know that's not the case.

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            72. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

            TSD gave me an excellent idea.


            They should have a cloaking perk. A cloak perk and a zombies moon walk perk. Yeah. That would be awesome.

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              73. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

              Yep and is`nt great fun to use, i am one of those that use this set up ,but only on the map Nuketown as do my mate when we get online together, i have played this  ridiculous lag fest of a game so why can i not try and at least have a bit of fun for a change, after all its just a damn game, lol 

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                74. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                Well I'm wondering how many people will then question why something needs a counter when it happens on their choice of attachment.  The problem with counters for attachments is that they kinda gimp them so people don't use them.  For BO2 at least, Dual Band adds recoil, gives you tunnel vision and you lose your HUD.  The maps are mostly small so I don't see an issue with Dual Band if there weren't any counters.  Very rarely do I see an enemy I wouldn't have done without it.  I may spot them quicker but then it is only available for weapons that ADS the slowest, LMGs and sniper rifles (excluding the Crossbow).  So I could just use an AR and spot someone later but ADS quicker because of Quickdraw and kill them sooner that way.  They could add the ability to switch off thermal and other optics may be if people are using a counter too much.

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                  75. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                  I'm pretty sure that some of the new hybrid scopes will allow you to do just that and in doing so I'd imagine that Thermal scopes may become more prevalent in Ghosts than they have been in the past.  I don't consider that a good or bad thing but I expect that it will happen.

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                    76. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                    Good call.


                    I suspect the same thing as well.


                    Personally I don't think it's a bad thing. It might just be mental memory, but for me in Black Ops 2, there has been far greater variety of weapons used & attachments used than in any previous Call of Duty game and that is a good thing; you don't want to see the same things over and over again, and if the thermal scope becomes a viable option then I'm OK with it.


                    Again though - it all depends on the maps. The reason why the thermal got very little love in BO2, apart from the tunnel vision, is as was already perfectly stated; the maps were just too small and too fast paced for it to be at all effective.

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                      77. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                      Im glad Infinity ward went back to the original all white thermal scope and not this **** treyarch had..... MW2 thermal sight was fun especially on Wasteland, then in MW3 they gave it more detail instead of just a glowing white finish to it.......


                      In my opinion Target Finder is the most used sight on Black ops 2.......... I run into a lot of clans using Target Finder more then anything.....


                      I know a lot of people hated MW2,however, at least on their they kept it simple when it came to perks and attachments except for OMA+DC+Tubes,commando,and painkillers.......



                      Best perk of all time Ninja Pro!!!!!!!

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                        78. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                        The issues with the target finder are the style of play it inspires. If I am forced to run poosy azz equipment setups to take out clowns campin in corners with their TF-LMG setup.. then something is wrong. When an attachment (just one!!) dictates how the game has to be played... then something is wrong. When all other optics (except for scopes which you do bring right up to your eye, hence the padding) are not full screen, due to the recoil of the weapon, and design of the optic, but yet the most overpowered optic of all somehow (really... WHY???!!) is full screen.... something is definitely wrong. Needless to say a lot of TF users would have some cut up foreheads in real life lol.

                        I have no idea what they were thinking during testing...."durr, this sight needs to be even more powerful I think.." " durr, lets make it full screen to reduce recoil and inspire stationary strategies"..... seriously, how could they not have figured out how OP it is.

                        And straight up... who the hell thought the INSANELY unrealistic head glitching in this game was appropriate??? its not a hard thing to do to adjust the firing level of the gun. And yet, it seems like people are holding their weapons with the butt on their freakin foreheads and shooting you from behind a piece of wood (which is often somehow stronger than steel or concrete??).

                        I love playin COD.. but this has to be one of the dumbest ones yet. And yes, I mean dumb... as in the people making it are not too bright. If the problem (which is all too common with elite gaming nowadays) is nerfing to attract a less skilled audience (which is a viable business model), than perhaps i need to find a new franchise to get down with.......


                        Prayin to god ghosts isnt this stupid (but it kinda looks like it is with the 3 kill VSAT-UAV's, danger close, and extended range on equipment............)

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                          79. Re: Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

                          My eye sight is even better than a target finder! I can see anyone and people using cold blooded. For me a target finder is a waste of a slot.

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