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    What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???


      OK so by now everyone’s seen all the trailers and hundreds of YouTube vids explaining how the new perk system works. So let’s have a friendly debate on which one’s you think will be your top 4 and a few words to say why. Some links to aid your decision making.


      A detailed perks-list can be found here:-




      And this is an extremely useful perk calculator tool to download and aid your load-out choices:-




      In no particular order here are mine:-


      1.  Off the Grid; A bit obvious, but staying off the radar has proven to be extremely useful in all CoD’s. (Especially as I only play Hardcore)


      2.  Cold Blooded; With 20,000 Soldier customisations, having no name tag and red crosshairs when targeted will confuse the enemy and let you get your shots in first.

      3.  Wiretap; Hacking the enemies’ radar to get the AUAV mode quicker, is a team winning scenario.


      4.  Quick Draw: Faster ADS means faster targeting, especially at medium to long range.


      So there’s my top 4, which ones do you feel will boost your KDR and briefly say why??? 

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