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        30. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

        Turning off the kill cam would reduce lag and glitches, last night played a few high speed knife only matches in random lobbies, anytime I'd get killed by a point streak that had a HUD my screen would still have the color scheme of their HUD kinda like the night vision glitch for the first 2 seconds. I like the cam but if they really want to make this a tournaments quality game they need to add all the options they can to get the lag out of the game.

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          31. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

          You can set your privacy to friends only and it will block everyone else in chat. I know this for fact. I have done it before. Not while in the game no; but can be done before starting the game. And yes it does have an effect on the in game chat feature. Once your privacy is set to friends only on the xbox you will not hear anyone in game ever.

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            32. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

            the kill cam does not add in lag to game play ever, nor would turning it off reduce in glitches in the game. And no they do not need to add as many options as the players can come up with just because some people think so.

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              33. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

              Well that's great for you, for me however I've got 100 members in my clan, these are different from my 100 friends, which allows me the option to play with up to 200 people at any given time and I'd like to hear all of them when they fall into my lobby rather than kill them a few times before I notice their gamer-tag.


              This has nothing to do with console settings anyway, just in-game options that should be added. So I guess really the checkbox "In-game" option should "read mute all but friends list" and another that says "mute all but clan roster".


              I have the entire series for both xbox and playstation, and several consoles of each, but rarely play on xbox, it's pretty much dead now since you have to pay for gold to play the game, so I could really care less about that platform, not to mention Ghosts clans will be cross platform so in-game options are becoming much more relevant than console settings in this next generation of games.

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                34. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

                Yeah now that I think about it, the kill cam doesn't add much noticeable lag on the xbox, gameplay is a lot smoother there all around. Since they develop for xbox then port to PS3 that could be one reason for a more stable kill cam on that console, even the replays appear to match perfectly to exactly what happened, but on the PS3 the lag is tremendous, as are the glitches, every single time I re-spawn the psychedelic colors from the enemies kill cam cross over to my screen for the 1st few seconds of re-spawn. Passing the HUD night-vision color permanently to your screen is a known glitch you can do for both consoles though, they even had to patch it, so I don't know how you missed it. Also there is often a small period of delay (maybe 150 ms) when re-spawn where you can't move yet but you can be killed, this depends on who got host I guess.


                The pay to play system of xbox has less players online at any given time than the PS3, also the pay for gold system on xbox helps keeps the lowest income players out of the game, you know the ones that can only afford to play using their friend's shared wifi hotspot off a 3g 1 bar phone with a partially dead battery, so there tends to be a lot more lag issues on the PS3 but really it's probably a result of the player pool differences between the 2 consoles.


                Anyway, it's the sound features we're talking about here. So the player pool does play in here too, PS3 players have cheap used $5 bluetooth static filled headsets and the xbox headset was a fail from the beginning, analog has awful static all day plus wires and even the bluetooth one covers your ear which you need to hear the game. So more in-game options with sound are good especially if it helps us mute all those foul language players.


                Also, I don't need it, but a lot of people have cheap tv's with no bass, voice clarity, etc. It would be nice if they had more sound equalizer settings for those low budget players.


                But I'm a computer programmer, and know these kinds of changes only take like half a day to add, I think maybe even this much work is too much to expect from their team. From 80 plus errors I've reported the fastest priority fixes are cheats and glitches, that have little to do with giving us more in game options.

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                  35. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

                  Ya know sometimes I forget that some that reply in this section may be on that Other console...


                  Sorry to hear if the kill cam causes issues like that on the PS version on the Xbox it never does.

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                    36. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

                    maccabi wrote:


                    Lalo67 wrote:


                    So I bugged about this in MW3 and probably MW2, but I am disappointed about not being able to turn off the in game music in these Infinity Ward series CoD games. Does Treyarch own some strange rights to providing this in their menu options of their series? All I want is to play S&D and other game modes, without the music blasting at the last minute, drowning out every other sound. Anybody else agree?

                    This is something we had numerous discussions with iw about in the past on mw3 and something we bought up very recently with iw again too, Hopefully they have listened to the feedback and the sliders will allow for music to be reduced *fingers crossed*

                    Thank you for bringing this up to Infinity Ward. It was such a MAJOR fail in MW3. The non-stop music was extremely annoying and lessened my COD experience for sure. I guess I can believe it was an IW oversight in MW3, but if somehow they don't put the option in after you've confirmed it's been brought to their attention, then I'm going to get really pissed off. Hulk SMASH!!

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                      37. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

                      Ya know I will laugh if it is not there. For it will prove the devs have some backbone and dont just add things because some players want it or believe it needs to be there. If they do add it, just will prove the devs try to cater to too many different types of players which leads to more problems down the road.

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                        38. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

                        I hope the devs see that the constant music is annoying to many players out there, and give us the option to lower or turn it off completely. This will prove the devs are listening.


                        I've read some of your other posts on this thread, and I do agree that a good player can adapt and can do well in the game with or without the option. ...but why suffer through the annoyance of constant music? (Annoyance for many. Yes, we know YOU love the constant music)


                        If the devs' intention of the constant music is to stop soundwhoring, then why not just make it so that Dead Silence has NO counter? I'm not a fan of campers, so I'd be totally cool with Dead Silence not having a counter.


                        Even if the constant music does hurt campers because it makes it harder to soundwhore, IMO, it's too high a price to pay. It's so irritating to me, that I'd sometimes cut my gaming sessions short because of the music. Not what I want out of my COD experience.


                        Maccabi has given me hope by telling us that they've brought this issue up to Infinity Ward. I started a couple of threads regarding this issue in the past, and I was a little worried about Ghosts having the same problem. We'll just have to wait and see.

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                          39. Re: CoD:GHOSTS-Give the consumers an option of turning off in game music!?

                          Yep only time will trully tell the tale if it was added or not and what it may do for the game either good or bad.


                          Next thing players will want sliders for voice, footsteps, gun sounds, explosions and any other sound such as ambient background noises. Where the most important for sound whoring will be turned up and all the rest turned off or down all the way, claiming those other sounds were too annoying as well.


                          Thus proving they need to be able to sound whore in order to play the game well.

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