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    Looking for a Clan

      Hey guys im looking for a clan that is looking to be/is competitive. I have a 1.11 k/d 240 spm but have also had this account with no resets since i first ever played cod. I as of the last month or so have gone double positive and am much better then my stats say. I have already pre-ordered Ghosts and expect 90% of the clan to have aswell. I AM SUPPORT! THAT MEANS I WILL NEVER RUN SWARM DOGS VTOL OR EVEN LOADSTAR. I can easily get 3 orbitals a game aslong as my team plays objective and doesnt killwhore. I will mostly run support or specilist in Ghosts. I REPEAT I DO NOT GO FOR MASSIVE KILLING STREAKS!


      P.S. Be a mature clan and please be competative in Clan battles and pubstomping. Newer clans are ok.