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      Discharged Gaming (DG) is a strategic and structured gaming community. The clan has just begun and has already attracted many members and is still increasing hourly. We are all about having a relaxed environment while still holding to our military-based structure. While we are a brand new clan, we have all been seriously dedicated to other structured clans. We decided to build and develop our clan to perfect on the experiences that we already had with other clans. We piled all of our experience and have written rules that allow each member to be treated fairly and with respect. This clan was made to build friendships, have a mature community, and to play CoD like no player has ever seen before.


      What Can Joining DG Do for YOU?

      1. You will always have someone on to play with. All members are expected to be dedicated and we only want the people who love to play video games. I have never been on when no one else was available. There is always someone to play with.

      2. You can expect to have some structure. Structure is always needed to keep arguments and conflicts from arising. It also ensures that during a game one or two people will be unifying the rest of the party. This leads to much more victories and a much greater KD. It also decreases the chances of you getting shot in the back or left alone to guard a position. It's a win win (literally).

      3. You can expect respect. If you have ever been disrespected by a clan, you understand where I am coming from. If you give respect, you will earn respect.

      ---  While I could go on, I imagine that I already covered topics that many of you have been searching for.


      Requirements to Join:

      - Must have a Mic. For us, callouts and communication is extremely important. It becomes a major problem when members are unable to communicate and set up a strategy. It is pertinent that all members be able to help out the team.

      - Must be 18 or over. HOWEVER, we do allow for vouchers for members who are 16 and older. Anyone 16 and older may feel free to apply, simply understand the possibility of being declined if you are not a mature individual.

      - Must be a dedicated member. We expect people who join to be dedicated to the community. Real life ALWAYS comes first, but we also need dedicated members to keep morale up and to keep all of our players in pro condition for strategies and tactics.


      What ARE NOT Requirements to Join:

      - WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR STATS!!! KD is completely irrelevant. We would rather have a member who would get 12 captures in Domination and win the game than have a member who gets 0 caps but is 50 and 2. We want team players, and we are willing to teach and help ANY player. We hate seeing those clans with 1.2 KD requirements just as much as you do, so we refuse to put one. You WILL NOT be discriminated against due to your statistics. Just be a team player and have fun!


      If you are interested, feel free to go to our website dischargedgaming.com and put in an application. Also, feel free to check out our COD Elite page by searching DischargedGaming in your clan search. Any questions or comments posted here will be answered as soon as possible. You may also add me on PSN if you want anything.


      If you do decide to give us a try, tell them that iSiXxi sent you. I get nothing out of it other than a pat on the back, but it is great to see that I helped by just getting ONE person to join this great clan.


      Sincerely and Respectfully,



      Discharged Gaming

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          Re: BRAND NEW PS3 COD CLAN!

          Come on guys, get involved while the clan is still young! That way you can claim to be one of the first to be a part of the next big clan!

          And also, for those interested, be sure to follow all the instructions in the application/check in process to get in as quickly and smoothly as possible! Also, be sure to check your email frequently as well as your spam folder incase the message got misplaced!

          Go to dischargedgaming.com today and get involved!

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              Re: BRAND NEW PS3 COD CLAN!

              Get in on the ground floor before you miss out on being a part of the next great structured gaming clan!


              Go to dischargedgaming.com and do your application and check in to get gaming with other serious gamers and have a blast doing it!

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              Re: BRAND NEW PS3 COD CLAN!

              Now is the time guys! Right before Ghost, get in and get your spot! We are always looking for new and dedicated members!


              Go to dischargedgaming.com if you are looking for a strategic and mature gaming community! We are extremely laid-back, and we always watch out for our teammates. NO MORE DOING IT ALL ALONE! Get in and get connected with the rest of us as we build this clan and grow it into something incredible!




              Tell em that iSiXxi sent ya!

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