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    Clan ops for Australians

      Hi All,


      Was wondering how the ghosts clan ops times will work for us aussies? As the times of the clan ops in BO2 (the 3 hour ones) were mostly early in the morning, and impossible to get 6 of your clan members together to participate in.



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          Re: Clan ops for Australians

          lol I don't have much hope for that changing. Though, I do remember reading something about how it might be different this time.  I think the whole thing might be changing away from the focus of a 3 hour clan op at a particular time. Can't be sure though, and I can't remember where I read it unfortunately.


          In a nutshell, we have a small population and we're just not on a priority list.  Things like cloud computing wont work well for the majority of Australians because of our internet and our average upload speeds. The Xbox Australia Facebook page continues to act like we'll be getting all the 'good' stuff that xbox One has to offer when in reality we wont get the same benefits. It's not Microsoft's fault, they can't be expected to cater to us because we're way behind the rest of the first world, or because we have a small population. It's a bit frustrating though.

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            Re: Clan ops for Australians

            There are no Clan Ops or Clan Challenges in Ghosts. I believe they have fixed the issue of the timeframes as none of the items are setup to be based on times like they were for BO2/MW3. Now you can earn XP by playing with a teammate in any multiplayer mode, playing in Clan Wars (always running as I understand it and not just for a few hours), and playing Clan vs Clan (just a separate mode, not a time based item).

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