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    Skylanders Lost Islands Keeps Crashing

      I have submitted this on Facebook as well, but I wanted to post my issue with Skylanders Lost Islands here as well.  About a week ago my game started crashing every time I tried to save my progress to the Cloud.  At the time I was running iOS 6.1.3 on an iPad 2, Wifi only.  Even when I upgraded my iOS to 7.0.2, the problem persisted.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software twice now with no change.


      The problem is still continuing - so far I haven't lost any Skylanders (84 of 85; haven't added Barkley yet), gold, gems, kudos, or energy, nor have I lost my levels.  However, within a few minutes of restarting the game, it either shuts down on its own or when I try to save to the Cloud and I lose all that I had gained since the problems started.  I have missed out on Super Tuesday, Monday's offers, offers over the weekend, and lots of Kudos from my friends for visits and gifts.


      I have made a significant monetary (and time) investment into this game and it is very frustrating that I can't play since last Friday.  I need help to get my game back and working properly.




      John Benedict


      Activate ID - John Benedict


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          Hello VTC,


          Very sorry to hear about this reset on your account! I will do my best to forward this along, but before I do, I need some additional information.


          1. Click the purple banner in the lower right hand corner. Go to Options > Help > and look for the FAQ that most accurately describes your issue. If there is a support code located on that page, then please let me know what it is.

          2. Roughly how much real world currency have you put into your account?

          3. Have lost any ranks/levels in game?



          ATVI Support

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              Here is the information you requested; looking forward to fixing this issue and getting my game back:


              1) When I click on Options, then Help, then game exits just like it does when I try to save my game.


              2) According to my iTunes records, I and my son have spent $232.52 on the in-app purchases for the game since this spring.  Depressing that it was that high, but that is what I have spent.  That is way too much to begin at the beginning, especially since I have entered my codes for Skylanders that my son owns into the game as well as those that I purchased with gems.  I had just won Skeltal Cynder and used Kudos to buy Admiral Thumpback, plus I used Gems to buy the last Alter Ego, Cupid Flameslinger, all before my game crashed.


              3) As of today, I have not lost any ranks or levels in the game.  I have screen captures of my game with what is the last save, including what is on all my islands,  I have 84/85 Skylanders; 1365 Gems, 22,597,135 Gold; 501,119 Energy; 565 Wish Stones; and 1015 Kudos.




              John Benedict