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    Why are my discussions disappearing ?

      Made a discussion yesterday looking for new clan members for ghost and noticed last night it had vanished. So made another thinking it must not of worked, got a reply on this topic and replied to it only to find it has vanished again. What's going on is someone deleting my topics ? I know cod games are aimed at 8 to 12 year olds even though it says 18 on the game. Is it because I was asking for players over 18 only ? 

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          Re: Why are my discussions disappearing ?

          Issued a response to the DM/PM that you sent.


          Publicly stating this here though: Be sure to read our announcements at the tops of sub-forums. We're pretty clear about our rules. I'll be checking all of our announcements in the morning, it's currently 3AM CST, to provide links. That said, a lack of link does not justify ignoring of our rules and announcements.


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