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        Hawk I agree just an okay episode and man they really diminished the two scientists role this time into being completely useless. The only strong parts of the show were Scorch, lol, the creepy Valerie lady in the blue flower dress, May and the grisly ending to the doctor. They also missed a real opportunity by making Skye's secret really, really stupid. Instead of ratcheting up the tension and making Skye a real bad guy with a very subversive and dangerous secret they made her a lonely adopted girl looking for her long lost parents. Now we will have to deal with a contrite Skye trying to win the trust of her teammates which is very cliche. Skye is just not that interesting and she gets way too much screen time, way too much.


        I'm a little disappointed after last week's pretty strong episode this one felt like a real step back. 

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          I wonder why even put the characters in the show when they've just become less and less important.  On paper, it's obvious you want a smart guy in the group to analyze tissue samples and all that, but why include two geniuses then to sideline em while Skye does all the legwork, outside of last week when they took out the woman's eye.  Definitely feels like the writers are a bit in love with Sky and don't know what to do with Fitz and Simmons outside of making Fitz the butt of jokes.  I have a feeling one of em could get killed off since they aren't particularly popular form what I've seen and the writers haven't shown much interest in using em.  A lot of people seem to like Skye cause of the sex appeal so I don't see her screentime going down all that much.

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            Yeah it is frustrating but sex sells and I like sex except when it detracts from the show and in this case making her almost the central character is a mistake and in a big way. She cannot carry the show if they continue to try and do that this show will slowly erode even with its Marvel premise. She is just an okay actor in fact outside of Ming Na they are all just okay actors. Too bad they didn't focus more on getting really talented actors even if they didn't have model good looks. However the show can still succeed if they writing gets better.


            What they need to focus on is having a very good story every week using Marvel lore rather than making up new stuff, like Centipede. Why not have it be AIM, Hydra, the Maggia, the Hand. More Marvel references not less would be very welcome and exciting.

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              Haha, I'm not saying sex is bad, but just that you see less "Skye is awesome" and more "Skye is hot" comments.  Which kinda suggests to me that people are more interested in the actress than the character.  Though forums tend to skew pretty male heavy so I guess its kinda hard to judge for sure.  To be fair, I don't think this is the type of show that really needs someone with the acting chops of Andrew Lincoln.  It doesn't have the wild emotional swings of Walking Dead, its about going out and stopping bad guys with some occasional character development.  Ya just need some likeable decent actors that can do some action stunts when needed and react to whatever plot twists get thrown their way.  It would really help to have one actor on the show with big time charisma to elevate the cast and grab people's attention.  Like ya said, they're collectively okay actors, but nothing that grabs ya.  Maybe that will change as the season goes on and they get more comfortable and the characters develop.  We are only five episodes in, haha.  It's too bad the one eyed woman isn't a regular cast people since she brought a great intensity that no one else has even if we already have several serious ass kickers on the team.

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                Totally agree with you on the eyed women she was intense and in a very good way. Outside of Ming Na there is very little intensity even from Ward who is supposed to be intense but he just comes across as stiff. You are also right in that they do not need to superstar actors but it seems to me the cast they have now is pretty mediocre aside from Ming Na.

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                  I don't think they were going for Ward to be intense.  Between the Battleship game and the seduction gag, it seems like they're going for stiff company man that falls for the wild activist.  I guess they wanted to keep the main cast pretty light so they didn't put in a more intense type of super spy.

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                    Well they have plenty of light with the goofy scientist twins, Skye and Coulsen whose schtick is growing a bit tiresome so it would have been nice to balance it out with another intense character.


                    I'm still watching and hoping that they put together some really good episodes.

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                      It's kinda weird that we're only five episodes in.  For some reason it feels like we've seen double that.  There's still 17 episodes left in the season which is a lot of time to work out the kinks and a number of them haven't been shot yet so hopefully the writers will respond to some the criticism.  String together some really great episode and it'll help to erase the slow start.

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                        Maybe that is because the shows, outside of #4, have just been okay and while I DVR the show it is not like I am really excited to watch it. You are right there are a lot of episodes to go and there have been many really good shows that take some time to develop. The ratings are strong enough that the show will stay on the air and hopefully they start to take advantage of the awesome universe they are in. There are so many great influences, storyline and things to draw on, not that they have to steal storylines from Marvel but they can use a lot from Marvel history to really enhance the show. Let's hope they really pull it off.

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                          Do you feel like connecting it to the movies ties their hands?  We've had plenty of movie references and Gravitron had an episode, but would it had a stronger start had they had the freedom to have Nick Fury in every episode, Crossbones popping up as a villain, Black Widow on the team, etc.  Certainly comic fans like us would love to see Fury, Crossbones, and Widow, but does the average viewer care and would that necessarily make the show better?

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