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    Hopeful additions that I want to see.


      1. C4 charges should only be detonated after landing on a surface.  Midair explosions should not be possible as it defeats the purpose of the charge being meant for traps and ambushes.


      2. The Stalker perk should cost 1 point.  If the perk allows the user to delay proximity explosions from IEDs and Motion Sensors, then 2 points would be reasonable.


      3. Make the PDW pistol (three round burst) balanced by not having it with high damage and an insane rate of fire like the B23R.


      4. Allow for every custom game mode to allow any number of lives, perk adjustments, player attritubes adjustments (running speed, button restrictions), and more.  Basically, have custom options be 100 times more intricate than Black Ops 1 custom modes.


      5. Hopefully the SATCOMs will only last for about 30 seconds, in addition to having a limit of how many can be planted (per team) at once.


      6. Quickscoping should be gimped.  I know of the news that Mark Rubin announced about QS in his tweet, but I hope the devs will improve upon making quickscoping more of a non-viable solution to close range combat.


      7. The friendly callouts are great n all, but they will totally ruin S&D game modes.  If they haven't been already, I would suggest the enemy cannot hear friendly callouts in an effort to preserve some sort of balance.  I seriously don't want be next to my teammate while I'm sneaking around as he yells, "COVER ME!!  I'M RELOADING!!!!!!!" or "ENEMY AT 12 O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!"  That's not very tactical if you ask me...


      I will add more if I can think of more.



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          1. C4 should only be planted. At least you should not be able to throw it so far.
          2. I can het why stalker is 3 points. In combination with ready up very good. Balance isseus within the speed classe.
          3. Agree

          4. Why not. don't play it but why not

          5. yes

          6. yes

          7. For sure yes. Enemy's should not be able to hear you shoutout. Can ruinen stealh gameplay

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            Good post, I agree with it all.

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              8. If you are running with a knife you should be able to stop and sharpen a spear to use as a short range throwing weapon...


              Not really realistic but seriously, how awesome would that be. A real sticks and stones game mode could be made then.

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                I agree with all of these. First one of the types of posts that I could not find anything to disagree with... the wold must be coming to and end soon I bet...


                9. Anyone that whines that a weapon is OP or UP with out pvr video proof is automatically banned from the game for life and the forums.

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                  Personally I don't think stalker nor any perk should allow for the delaying of clamores, ect. We only get one maybe 2 claymores and scavenger doesn't refill them, and when I do snipe often times I feel stalker over powering, in that it renders any of my anti-personel equipment obsolete. however if they were to re-balance this back to the MW2 scrambler perk in which you can delay explosions, with the draw-back of the radar being scrambled it would be much fairer because it lets the person know that somebody is nearby, and its not as much as a surprise when somebody walks past their only clamore and shoots them in the back, and there is no realism to walking past a clamore so dont give me that. A possible add to the hardline perk would be that every 2 assists counts as a kill would be nice, because of the combo with the recon perk, otherwise recon is not very useful by itself. lastly they really need to work on spawning influences and corner movements, because those plagued the last call of dutys. also they should re-vamp  how many points it takes just to stay off the radar, and be immune to thermal scopes, it would take up all off your 8 points just to stay off the radar, and staying invisible is kind of the whole point as a sniper. lastly what would be cool for future or current call of dutys, is a character progression, where the more you use a character the more the character evolves as a soldier, Like if they take down alot radars the get a partial immunity to radar type devices or are able to take them down faster, or the more they run and gun the faster their character gets, the more they snipe the less their sniper sways when aiming, That sort of stuff would take great advantage of this individualized character system they have going. actaully give their character stats that are realistic like stealth, strength, dexterity, stamina, and other things a real world soldier would get asthey they went from a grunt to a veteran. Maybe even getting more experience with a gun with a particular character gives that character a small boos to reload speed, draw speed,and even how strong the character is so the guns they are holding weigh the character down less, If call of duty wants to catch up to Battlefield in realism they need to take it up a notch

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                    Here are some more additions.


                    8. If I have two or more classes with the same support strike package rewards, I hope i don't lose points for switching in between those classes.  I've heard rumor that it's already in the game, but I cannot be sure yet.


                    9. Tactical insertions being removed because of boosters is a low blow to the ones who legitimately use them.  I personally loved this equipment for objective games because it meant not having to respawn 800 miles away from the objective.  If the tactical insertion did return in Ghosts, there can obviously be restrictions, such as removing them in FFA and probably Blitz.  Speaking of boosters....


                    10. Booster hunting should be more efficient in two ways.  First, The stat tracking of Elite and of the other app to follow should pay careful consideration of the battlefield analysis by red flagging certain questionable actions within the timeline.  For example, If the tracker detects "JonnyNoobFace" and "ISuckAtThisGame" constantly killing each other in one spot with tactical insertions being their primary equipment used, then that'll result in an immediate review without having somebody to manually report them.  Second, if I see boosters and cheaters in the game, I should be able to submit video evidence via DVR footage to Infinty Ward directly.


                    11. The Infected game mode should allow users to equip their own custom classes, have more custom Infected types (Juggs vs Infected with Launchers ), and the game mode should not effect stats, thus preventing it from becoming the "KD/WL clinic" like it was in MW3--Oh, and throwing knives must remain for the infected.


                    12. Custom sound options, such as master, music, sfx, voice, and equalizer options like in Black Ops 2.  I seriously don't want metal music blasting in my ears as I am "sound whoring" in S&D.


                    13. The ability to turn off DLC, so our party members don't get kicked out (I'm looking at you, Black Ops 2).


                    14. Multi-Team being available in nearly all game modes without needing a separate playlist.  The only way for 3/4 teams to be available depends on the current party sizes in the lobby.  If parties of 4 or less are present, then 3 teams can be an option.  If parties of 3 or less are present, then teams of 4 can be an option as well.


                    More to possibly come.


                    ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                        It 11 was done as suggested no effect to k/d w/l then I can agree with allowing custom classes. since at that point it it just about random fun and not stat padding as the mw3 version was abused for.


                        have to say no too 12, dont think that sound whores need any special treatment and should be discouraged from doing so by even louder sounds at the bomb locations making it even harder to do in SnD.


                        13 they dont get kicked out once they are in an actual party. It wont search for dlc they dont have. so party up before going to search for a game and problem is fixed.

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                            In regards to 13, I usually have a full party of players who have every piece of DLC, but there's always one person who has none or was missing a few.  Whenever I search for a match, we're often given the choice to play on the new maps that one person doesn't have, even if my party was set up prior to even searching.  It's a strange issue that still occurs.


                            ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                          AAddition (or deletion): get rid of the "Previous Map" option when voting for the next MP map. It should be a choice of two different maps and Random. Tired of playing the same map repeatedly.

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                            Iin groundwar also two different game types

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                              Agree with pretty much all your points except 5.)


                              I Think the SATCOMs should stay until destroyed.


                              for a couple of reasons, Advanced UAVs will be near non existent, as soon as a team has an AUAV up, the first SATCOM will run out of time.


                              Not so much of a problem for teams of 4 plus who communicate, but if a team full of randoms are playing without mics for example then theres no one to say "save your SATCOMs ive nearly got my one, we can go for an advanced one" for example.


                              Secondly, It would give more reasoning to destroy them, knowing they'll only last for max 30 seconds, well whats the point it will be gone shortly.


                              Also on a side note, please add "Mute all except party" button to your list , its one of 2 things i liked about black ops 2, the other being the replacers trailers

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                                1. I don't think we should assume this will be a problem. We don't know how strong they will be, how fast they are thrown, or how far they can be thrown. I'll tel you if it works like modern warfare 2, then no, there is no reason to nerf C4. Most players couldn't use them as a quick explosive and had to rely on a simple grenade instead. It required the ability to adjust, but was not op. The throw range was not OP, but not straight up less useful than a grenade at close range, like it was in cod4. Hence, it was in the perfect area of balance and was usefull for taking out close range campers, and defending objectives in the traditional way of cod4 C4.


                                2. No. Stalker should not even be in the game in the first place, honestly. I'm fine with it only because it costs 3. However, there should not even be an advantage AT ALL for people who just stay aimed down sights. That is clearly conducive of camping and slow gameplay.


                                3. Of course I want all the weapons balanced. No machine pistols or akimbo spray n pray hand cannons, plz


                                4. Completely agree


                                5. I trust they will handle satcoms well. I don't see a need to worry about it. There is already off the grid AND wiretap to let you use them for your own benefit.


                                6. You can't be serious. Using a bolt action sniper at medium to close range will always be inferior to someone using a full auto SMG or rifle, shotgun, marksman rifle, and pretty much everything else in the game. It takes so much more skill to get a close range kill with a bolt action sniper than a shotgun or SMG, even in MW2, the pinnacle of quickscoping. You're obviously just annoyed that you get killed by it anyway, because you're not fast enough even with a much easier weapon. Not only is this ridiculous off the bat, but IW has already said they have hampered QSing, just as they have with every game after MW2.


                                7. Agree


                                As you can see, I agree with half of what you said, and am vehemently against the other. To be clear, even the things we agree on, are not nearly as important as gameplay issues that will affect the pace of the multiplayer. Mainly, amplify.

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                                    2.) Stalker lets you move faster while aiming down sights, it doesnt increase aim sensitivity speed. It benefits a rusher not a camper.


                                    6.) sarcasm\ Yes because Black Ops 2 is a perfect example of this. /sarcasm

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                                      And your really getting way too hung up on amplify, it really isnt a big deal.


                                      Also in my opinion the MP pace needs to be slowed down a touch, MW3/BO2 were just mindless clusterfks of running and spraying and quickscoping, the whole MP needs to reward being more tactful and clever rather than fast loud and dumb.

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                                        1) does need to be done for the C4 in bo2 is ridiculously easy to use and outperforms grenades way to easily. You probably use it in this way and is why you dont want it changed.

                                        2) It dos not help campers any more than it helps rushers. Plus camping is just a legitimate a playstyle as rushing is.

                                        3) Machine pistols are fine. it is the players that were terrible when going against them and cried they were OP when they were not.

                                        6) Completely serious, QS in any form is not needed in the game at all to make snipers balanced or fair or viable to use.

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                                              calling someone a retard on these forums will only reward yourself with a report against you.

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                                                You really are struggling to understand how stalker works here arent you?


                                                It only speeds up movement speed while ADS


                                                if a player isnt moving, they're movement speed wont be increased.


                                                By your defination a camper is someone who lays down and stairs at a doorway while ADS, how will increased movement speed help someone who is not moving?

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                                                  2)No it does not reward campers anymore than it does rushers. It may help them some yes but stalker was more for the rusher than the camper. I helped those that continued to move more than anyone that stayed still in one place or moved just a little to one side or another.

                                                  3) Machine pistols were not the problem it was players stupid enough to get within the optimal range of the machine pistol and get mowed down by them. Outside of their range they were not nearly as strong as people trued to make them seem all the time.

                                                  6) Being harder to shoot a bolt action sniper does not excuse it or justify it being in the game. It is not needed in the game for snipers to be fair to use. There is no reason or need to ever QS. For snipers are not meant to be viable in close range situations. That is what the secondary is meant for. And it takes only a moment to switch to, which should have been done before moving to a new location to begin with. You move with secondary out, get to location then switch to the SR to take the shot on a located target.

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                                                      2. You say it help both campers and rushers? Good, that makes the perk even more powerful, thus, there is no need to reduce the point cost.


                                                      3. spray n pray should not be rewarded


                                                      6. cod is not a realistic game. It is designed to be play in a fun way rather than a realistic way. Hence, no bulletdrop and you get to call in nukes, lol. Imagine the real life situation where this happens. "Good job soldier, you have 25 confirmed kills in your tour of duty, what country would ya' like us to drop the nuke on?!" Dump. People thinking cod is supposed to play realistically. Just epic.

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                                                          2) No it does not make it even more powerful. Every perk helps players in one form or another. I guess every perk is powerful or OP and should not be in the game according to your logic.


                                                          3)Machine pistols are about spray n pray just the same as smg's and sg's are in close range battles. Spray n Pray was not rewarded unless you were the fool to get within the range of the weapon. At longer ranges dual machine pistols were not really effective or wise to use.


                                                          6) does not matter if the game is not realistic, QS is not needed in the game.

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                                                      Alright, you're not nearly as incapable of reading comprehension as "Vag" Dano, here.

                                                      1. I'll say sure and agree about bo2, I said it would be fine if it worked like MW2.

                                                      2. Yes, rewarding staying in ADS mode, rewards slowing down the gameplay. Once again, yes it does help camping/slow play. Oh, I definitely see camping is a legitimate strategy, it just does not belong in a good, fast paced cod game. And DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to be rewarded.

                                                      3.LOL as if anyone either skilled or not can't spray akimbo

                                                      6. *clapping intensifies* Go ahead and reread the part about how it's harder to shoot a single fire bolt action sniper than an automatic spray bullet cloud or a shotgun.