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    Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

      For me I'm guessing the Ps4 version will have way more players online than the ps3 version


      IM expecting at least 300 k on ps3 and over 400-500 k on Ps4

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          Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

          PS3 already has millions of consoles installed - they have yet to sell any PS4's - Ghosts will have a larger player base on PS3 for quite awhile after release.

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            Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

            Both current gen consoles PS3 and XB360 will have a higher number of players probably until around 2014 holiday season. Not a reason to over look the next gen consoles though, there will still be plenty of players on both systems.

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                Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                PS3 will easily outnumber PS4 numbers.


                *PS4 requires fee to play online.

                *PS4 isn't backward compatible with most/all PS1, 2 and 3 games.

                *PS4 is expensive compared to PS3

                * PS4 has less games than PS3

                * PS4 will launch with less owners than PS3

                * PS4 could have 1st model issues like PS3/X360 had.  So there goes the $ people spent rushing to get a PS4. 


                PS3 accessories are more affordable and PS3 itself has been getting price drops with better deals and more games to choose from, new and used sales too. 


                With PS4 people have to start from scratch, some won't even have money left over to buy this if they happened to

                buy PS4 for something else.  


                PS3 will clearly have more people playing than on PS4,  PS4 is going to take a gradual climb to match PS3 numbers.

                And as long as PS4 requires money to play online, most people are going to stick to PS3.

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                    Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                    I dont get the point in your post?


                    You've basically just listed a load of things that are blatently obvious and have been well known about for months.


                    Yes PS4 you do have to pay to play online, same as XB360 and same as XBONE, that doesnt mean people wont buy a PS4


                    Correct PS4 isnt backwards compatible, neither is the PS3, and neither will the XBONE be, PS4 will introduce their GAIKAI service in 2014, which enables you to stream games, i think this includes older platform titles aswell.


                    Yes PS4 is expensive compared to a PS3 in the same way an iPhone 5s is more expensive than an iPhone 3.


                    PS4 does have less games, but developers will be focusing on the PS4/XBONE from now, with a few exceptions, get into 2014 and developers will probably stop producing games for the PS3/XB360 and focus solely on next gen consoles.


                    Well yes, of course it will, the same way as everything launches with less people using it on launch day compared to the numbers using it in a years time.


                    PS4 could have first model issues, same way as anything has first model issues, but if noone buys anything because of first model issues, then the developers will have no way of knowing about these issues because there will be no one to report them.


                    Again of course they're more affordable, PS3 games/accessories will always be cheaper to the equivilant PS4 games/accessories, it wont matter how long you wait.


                    Well yes, unless you make use of the cross platform account features, in which case you wont need to start again completely, all your old details etc will still be there.


                    If they brought the PS4 for something else then COD isnt they're biggest worry.


                    Yes i said that in my previous post, i wouldnt expect PS3 kind of numbers until holiday season 2014.


                    PS4 will be pay to play online from now on, if people dont want to pay to play online they can get an XB... oh wait.....


                    People will eventually move on to next gen regardless, because developers wont be making games for current gen forever more, eventually the flow of current gen games will stop.

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                    Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                    i would say holiday 2015.

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                    Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                    PS3 and xbox 360 population will devistate the PS4/xbox1 population like its a ******* joke dude. it will take YEARS before the PS4 population gets close to the PS3 population. xbox1 probably will never match PS3 until PS3 dies off, same with wiiU but for different reasons. PS4 will be lucky to have half of PC's numbers online.


                    id expect ruffly 10-30k online on next gen consuls at any given time once it levels out.  about 300-400k on current, 400-500k after level out if the game actualy ends up good. about 20-50k on PC. There probly be 50k points on PS4 simply because there isnt very much to play on the system till the library is built up some, which will take time.

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                      Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                      PS4 and Xbox One numbers won't be real big until 2014-2015. Around this time, Developers will stop supporting PS3 and 360 and gamers will have to choose to either keep playing their old games on their old system or to move to the next system. This was the same with the current gen. It took a year or two for them to become the prominent system. The PS4 however will have better numbers then the PC community. The pre-order numbers on PS4 have surpassed the numbers you assume PC will max out at. Also, parents will likely be breaking down and getting the new systems and games for their children, which will boost the PS4 and Xbox One numbers.


                      Still, numbers and what not aside, numbers won't be as important as they were in the past. Dedicated Servers will help make sure that we can have good, stable connections. So, if you're worried that to play you will have to be playing with people from across the world, don't worry about that. My clan and friends for the most part are moving to PS4 and so am I, and we know that we won't have to worry about getting horrible connections.

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                        Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                        It's VERY easy to say that the Xbox 360/PS3 will have more than the next gen consoles will. Not everyone has the money to throw out of the window.

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                          Re: Highest population on Cod Ghosts PS3 or Ps4

                          I would assume the PS3/360 would have a higher amount of people.

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