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        @Iron - I think it is a regular routine for them to go around thinning out the zombies.  I believe it showed em stabbing zombies through the fence in the first episode of the season and on Sunday they had all the crowbars and axes attached to the fence so they can grab em quick to get stabbing.  The reason why there was such a big pile up is cause someone was feeding them rats and the blood attracted a lot of other zombies.  They showed the headless rat bodies on the ground where the zombies were all lingering.  Rick also tried using a horse in the first season and he got overtaken by zombies.  Granted there was a lot more of em, but Michonne might've thought since it was only two she could handle em well enough without risking her horse,


        @Jad - It's a short demo so you'll be playing it a lot, haha.  We'll both have to just live through Rogue until we get our copies.  Hopefully he can tear himself away from it and give us a little review.

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          It might be tough to get me to give you a review of it after I get it on Friday, since I'll have to tear myself away from Tales of Vesperia to play Lego Marvel and then tear myself away from that to give you a review.  It'll be a double tear, and those are always dangerous! haha


          But, that Vikings game was awful.  I'm not sure there's much to be said that isn't summed up by how Mike Tirico said during the game that "these are two bad teams."  That's all there was to that game. Well, I would add that one team was even more bad than the other, I guess...


          @Hawk: I like the idea of having tie-ins as collections only, since I feel like they'd read way better that way.  I like to get comics in trades, actually.  I got all the Ultimate Spider-Man comics through Peter's death in trades, and they're awesome to read that way. 


          On another note, I was wondering if you've been doing any writing recently.  It's been a while since the last chapter of Marque, I think.  Where's my new chapter to read!? haha


          @SBN: Hey, it's an SBN sighting!?  Not too much craziness going on here.  Some writing, some Tales of Vesperia awesomeness, and I just started on my big honors thesis.  One of these things is not as fun as the others.  What about you?

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            Hawk yeah it showed them thinning them out but given the math I showed you unless thousands are pouring in there would be very few zombies there, lol. Anyway enough of that stuff the show is off to a good start and I have enjoyed it so far I just get carried away with logical quibbles. I do like how they have toned Carl down and made him more like the boy he should be and less psycho.

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              So, Halloween is coming up.  Anyone have any plans!  Iron, I know you got IM suit cleaned and ready to go trick or treating.  Try not to repulsar any little kids dressed as Loki this time.


              @Rogue - Didn't you get it on Tuesday when it came out?  Or were you too numb from the dentist appointment and drooled all over the place.  How did the big event go, by the way?  Was there a lot of screaming?


              Maybe when Freeman has more than a few weeks to practice with the team you guys will improve.  Seems like you need to pick up some WRs in the draft though, no one on your team is standing out as a big time player.


              I like getting trades and indivudal comics.  Both have their pros and cons.  Trades are nice so you have the entire story in one package, but I also like seeing the old school ads in old comics, haha.  Also, some comics aren't collected in trades.  I really like the hardcover books that come with little extras.  My Hawkeye hardcover has some nice diagrams of Clint's trick arrows and Bobbi's battlestaves.The Punisher: Borne hardcover is awesome too, for coming with pictures of Vietnam that the artist used for reference.


              I have about the first scene of the next Marque chapter done, but I haven't worked on it lately.  I was toying around with a Halloween story a couple days ago, though it's still in the early stages.  It was something that popped into my head when I woke up one morning, might've been influenced by a dream, but I can't remember what the dream was, haha.  How has your writing been going for school?

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                hey guys... just popping in to say that moonknight is here!! so u should probably check out MAA.. especially you Iron24 i have a feeling u wouldn't wanna miss him out..

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                  No Halloween plans here.  I haven't really done Halloween since like 4th grade.  Maybe I'll sit outside and yell at kids to get off my lawn someday on Halloween... when I actually have a lawn. 


                  @Hawk: Nope, my dentist appointment and Lego Marvel game are both on Friday.  So you still got a few days to wait to read my comment about how I haven't gotten around to playing it yet so I don't have a review on it for you yet. 


                  Our WRs might be okay if we had a good QB around, actually, though I'd still like another good one.  We did add Greg Jennings this year, but he's barely been noticeable on the field all year.  Cordarell Patterson might be good eventually, too, since he's crazy fast.  We do need to get rid of Jerome Simpson, though.  He drops so many passes...


                  Yeah, there's some upsides to individual comics, though I prefer trades if I'm trying to get older comics.  I like getting new comics as individual ones because you don't gotta wait so long like you would if you waited for the trade.  It is fun looking back at my old individual Amazing Spidey comics, though...


                  Nice.  Is the Halloween story about Jeremy Renner?  Because I know which dream influenced it then! haha, I had a cool new story idea pop into my head last night actually that I started messing around with even though I have way too many story ideas already.  Well, it's basically just one awesome character and a basic world idea I got, but it seems like it could be a super fun story eventually.  The writing for school has mostly gone well.  I got two chapters done that I really like so far but got some revisions to do.  The teacher's feedback hasn't been that helpful so far, though.  She mostly talks about how it needs to be made less subtle for teenage readers, which sounds kinda lame to me.  Maybe I should just send her a chapter of Tales of the Guardian and see if that's unsubtle enough for her! haha

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                    Do you eat candy in front of them too?  And tell them how delicious the candy is because they can't have any?


                    How can you wait that long knowing it should be in your PS3's warm belly right now!


                    They didn't look that great on Monday.  Freeman was scrambling around to buy time and no one was getting open for him.  Though some of his throws weren't great either.


                    haha, no, it's called Morse & Van Dyne: Paranormal Investigators.  And it's about Jan inheriting an old house from a great aunt and something keeps disrupting the renovations.  She goes to Bobbi to analyze some slime she found in the house cause Hank thinks the whole idea is silly and eventually the two nose around the house and craziness ensues.  What's your idea?  That's too bad.  I don't think something like Mists would be too subtle for a teen book.  Teens aren't little kids, they can pick up on clues and foreshadowing easily enough.

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                      Now Freeman has a concussion so Ponder might be starting. But it was pretty foolish to stick Freeman in with only a week in a new system, he hasn't developed a rapport with any of the receivers and there is no way Freeman is going to be able to master the Viking playbook in a week nor is he going to be able to effectively audible. I know the Vikings QB's are not great but you gotta give Freeman some time to adjust.


                      Jennings is a very good receiver but if your QB's all suck it doesn't matter how good you are as an WR you just are not going to be able to show your stuff.


                      For Halloween I turn the lights off and don't answer the door. Not a fan of Halloween at all.

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                        @RS:Tales of Vesperia... Still want to read that! Remind me again what the basic of the story was? I remember thinking it sounded pretty good..!
                        Honor thesis? Obviously this is the more fun one. Ew. Haha, glad that's not for a while for me. And then even after I do it I'll have more college after... silly law school.
                        Ahh, just been taking it easy in school (community college is too easy) and applying for jobs. Job at the farm ends this weekend, I'm pretty sad about that.
                        So what've you been reading in the comic world lately?

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                          @SBN: You might have a tough time reading it, since it's not a book.  It's the best video game ever!  I actually bought a used 360 a couple weeks ago just so I could replay it. 


                          Yeah, a 30 page paper on Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf... So much fun  Law school?  You're planning on being a lawyer now? 


                          Yeah, I hear community college is insanely easy.  My brother went to one for a year to save money during college, and I think he spent more time playing Super Smash Bros against me than doing homework or being in class.  Of course, I won most of the fights.  What do you do in the job at the farm?


                          Not too much.  Still reading Uncanny Avengers, Secret Avengers, and All-New X-Men.  Weirdly, I got an issue in the mail that was supposed to be All-New X-Men but turned out to be some kinda comic based on the Avengers Assemble cartoon... I'm gonna have to figure out what happened there because I wouldn't exactly call that a fair trade... What've you been reading?


                          @Hawk: Of course!  Halloween is all about not giving, after all.  It has to balance out the giving of Christmas. 


                          Easy!  Turn on the 360 and play Vesperia!  Problem solved.  Or... you know... do homework... I guess. 


                          Awesome!  I wonder if you'll be able to keep Clint out of the story, though?  Sounds pretty fun to pair up Bobbi and Jan, since they're so different but are both pretty fun characters.  And slime-ghosts are always a good thing.  I'll be very disappointed if we don't get any slime-ghosts in this story.  The story would be set in a fantasy world where magic is pretty common (so not like Mists) but people eventually figure out that the way they're using it's throwing the world all out of whack  (yep, going all environmental).  I mainly got one character I've been figuring out, a teenage prodigy of a mage who grew up in like a magic academy but gets sick of being stuck in the school since she doesn't really fit in with the regular students and doesn't even have anything left to learn from the teachers.  Been throwing around ideas for a couple other characters, but haven't really pinned too much down yet.  Yeah, the story I'm writing isn't any more subtle or complex than Mists really, so I'm not really seeing why I'd want to dumb it down.  It seems like she especially expects me to have my main character just describe every character in narration instead of letting their actions and dialogue and stuff show who the characters are.  It's like the opposite of the old "show, don't tell" deal.