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        10. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

        The bad

        • Networking (lag comp./hit detection): too many many many many times when flanking an enemy and shooting a good few bullets in the side of the enemy's body he turns around and kills me with 2 hits ("wtf? deaths").
        • Over the top fast paced arcadish game (the internet ping/latency nor the animations can keep up with the speed)
        • Spawning:  it's too aggressive: you kill one enemy and another spawns right behind you and shoots you in the back (hence bo2's nickname "shot in the back oops")
        • Small close combat maps => SMG's overused
        • Audio of footsteps etc. totally unusable compared to previous cods (even with dead silence, awareness  and headphones)
        • Unbalanced wiimote vs aim assisted dual controls (although it comes with the territory when having different types of controllers

        The ugly/annoying players

        • Quick scoping
        • Target Finder (= training wheels / wonder bra)
        • Trolling (flashing own team mates with stun grenades, teamkilling, etc.)


        However we should be happy to have cod on the wii/wiiu (with wiimote support) in the first place considering the decreasing sales numbers on wii/wiiu!

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          11. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

          What D: Meltdown, Raid, Yemen and Plaza are great....... I could play those all day<3...


          Well Plaza sucks in TDM/KC. ._. but it's awesome in Domination.

          If you're playing campers on Yemen it's impossible to do anything

          Overflows alright. It's not amazing.

          Raid and Meltdown seriously, or is that just because you get sick of playing the same maps over and over?


          Peron sally I could play Raid all day everyday. 8-)

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            12. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

            my connection speeds in multiplayer are decent, 1066kbps, open nat, wired connection, from my understanding thats not bad. all yesterday i was outright shooting people at range and up close, and theyd get the kill. i was using ksg, i have on toughness because often times using it i will get hit first. but i will take my time and get the kill, without toughness it wouldnt be possible. anyway, i was getting legitimate hits, and in the killcam its showing me not even drawing my weapon, one that i hardscope with EVERY time. anywhere from cq, like the rooftops in plaza, to longshots in the areas below. ive heard several others complain about its inconsistentcy but i never experienced it to that degree. felt like i was running in quicksand all day yesterday too. other than these types of issues ive really enjoyed multi, well minus the quickscoping, tf's and boosting. zombies? dont get me started. i absolutely love it. i am 1st  for solo on one id, 2nd on this id for four player, only beaten out by a guy who cheated for 1st, but there is only so much tranzit i can handle. id love to play the other maps but completely understand why we dont have them. so basically if the leaderboards were cleared of the cheaters on zombs id be a happy customer, i mean its for 3 and 4 player tranzit 1st place, kinda ruins the whole leaderboard i think...

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              13. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

              The skillless quickscopers who ruin games for everyone, the major lag at times where im around 2 seconds behind everyone else making some people feel like gods (who arent) and people look like schmucks (you arent), and something no ones mentioned, the slow time to kill in core. It can literally take me 20 pdw bullets to kill a guy, which is why I now play hardcore.


              What am I looking forward to in ghosts? The faster kill time of infinity ward games helps lag issues, always has, usually the 1st to shoot in an even battle gets the kill, in bo2 its the guy with the remington, kap40, or best connection.

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                14. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

                I could also play Raid all day. I do like Meltdown, Yemen and Plaza too. Turbine and Drone are decent but I.m not a huge fan of them. I can not stand Overflow though. It is the worst map in this game to me. I just get tired of playing the same maps over and over, except Raid  :-)

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                  15. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

                  Well in 6v6 you get some better maps added like Standoff and Slums but at the same time there is Carrier...... D:


                  I miss when Express was in ground war. :/

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                    16. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

                    They could have made Ground War a lot better. If they had included more maps and gamemodes, I think it wouldve gotten more players. Add Express and Standoff, maybe Slums and include maybe SND and Hardpoint, maybe drop TDM or KC and it would be so much more fun to play

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                      17. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

                      Noobs shooting at the scenery.


                      Hijacked - man, I'll be glad when Ghosts is here because I won't have to play Hijacked anymore!

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                        18. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

                        The only thing in BO2 worse than Quickscopers are HEAD GLITCHING QUICKSCOPERS! You're dead before you even see the guy. The only way to tell what happened is to watch the kill cam!


                        I also hate all the freakin' DJ Squeakers out there. Honestly, footsteps and grenade clicks are quiet enough WITHOUT your awful quality music filling the audio feed. The only thing worse is when a non-English speaking family decides to have a family brawl and you can hear them all screaming, dog barking, TV blaring... all through the game.

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                          19. Re: What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

                          Let me see:


                          1)Lag - terrible

                          2)People who whine about your gameplay, but then turn around and do the same to you

                          3)No age limit - it would be nice to get all adult lobbies..tired of listening to 6 yr olds crying cuz I kill them

                          4)The random spawning going on..one minute ill spawn into enemy spawn, get killed immediately respawn again, in their spawn, get killed..yet again, and then respawn in my area

                          5)As of 4 pm PST, servers aren't available..go figure


                          That's my rant


                          Keep Calm and Carry On

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