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    New Skylander Has Gone Missing

      This issue is in addition to my issue already logged - App Crashing lost all data - Losing my mind.

      I purchased a new Skylander on iPad 1 (the only game I can currently play, iPad 2 is still crashing with no resolution given after weeks).

      The cost of this Skylander was 200 gems.

      The Skylander was Grim Creeper.

      He was loaded into a sanctuary but when the new dark sky came into the game, he was gone back to being available for purchase and at all level up progress was gone.

      Can you please investigate this issue too or at the very least refund the gems I spent to purchase him again as I refuse to waste any more 'real' money on this game until the issue on the other iPad 2 is resolved.

      Activate name: timoneill73