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        CYBER-NINJA-187 wrote:


        Thanks, I spotted the Twitter post before I saw you’re sticky on here, so just to clarify, are we to assume that these new IW specs are indeed the correct ones? Or are the Activision ones released earlier today the correct ones? That question remains unanswered.


        If you are able to pass that message on upwards to the powers that be and they can just confirm which set is the right set? Then all this confusion will disappear. Sadly all today’s events have achieved, is just to leave the PC community even more in the dark!!!

        Not really any confusion if you actually read both one says MINIMUM the other says RECOMMENDED

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          Which web pages are you referring too, as I can only see the word MINIMUM on both? More interestingly Nvidia has now removed the recommended system requirements of the GTX780.  And as of today the DirectX has been changed from a DX9 to a DX11. This may have just been a simple typo, but at least the new eye candy delivered by the new CoD engine will be caressing our eyeballs in greater detail!!

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