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    Bloodthristy not counting

      Im 1 bloodthirsty away from getting the DSR gold. Just a few minutes ago I was in a game, and I got 5 kills in a row with only the DSR, bloodthirsty medal popped up, but no camo unlock. Got 2 more kills and still nothing. According to other threads about this, its caused by corruption, and the only fix is a rollback to before it occurred, so I figured I might as well get this sorted out ASAP.

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          Re: Bloodthristy not counting

          I've seen them stick before.  Sometimes (not always) just rebooting everything has gotten it unstuck for me.

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            Re: Bloodthristy not counting

            Hello Megadog14,


            Sorry to hear about the medal not pushing to your account! Did you encounter any large latency spikes or host migrations during the match? What game mode were you playing in when you got the medal?


            If you feel there may be corruption, I can always check out your data. Just let me know the following:


            - Gamertag

            - Cosole




            ATVI Support

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                Re: Bloodthristy not counting

                There wasnt any lag spikes or host migrations. Mode was ground war domination. Only thing i can think of is that i got 3 kills in round 1 and the next 4 in round 2, but that usually works for me and the medal still popped on the 5th kill.


                Im on Xbox, GT is Megadog14. The game is still in my recent games folder if you need it (map was Drone).

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                    Re: Bloodthristy not counting

                    That explains it.  The medal will pop up but the Bloodthristy challenges won't award if you don't get them in one round.  Splitting it across two rounds is the problem.  If it worked for you before that is really odd because many many many people have found out the hard way that it doesn't work for the majority.

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