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    Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

      I see all these threads about dedicated servers and other things you know they are not going to deliver. They make all kinds of promises and then NEVER deliver.  Stop wasting your money on this garbage. They could care less about us PC gamers so we shouldn't waste a dime on any more COD games. I haven't bought COD the last 2 times and I'm not going to waste any more money until they give us TRUE dedicated RENT-ABLE Servers and I advise everyone else to do the same. Don't come in here crying after you pay for this garbage when you knew exactly what was going to happen.

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          Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

          Just a curiosity on my part but what's the grand appeal to rentable servers?  From what I have read all you get is basically someone's custom game build, generally with one map selected and whatever the owners least favorite fill in the blanks removed.  It seems like it takes away all of the challenge of actually playing the full game and leaves nothing but easy XP lobbies.  I don't care if Ghosts does have them but I seriously doubt that I would have any interest in playing on one and I know that I wouldn't spend any money renting one.

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              Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

              The thing I loved on blops og was being able to have customization like you said, and the ability to manage our servers to not have to deal with toxic players. Just people who want to play with similar game type interest i.e. no tubes and there are certainly a lot of people (not myself) that love crouch only, and that gives them a way to enforce it and have more enjoyable game play. Another huge plus is having a localized known good server instead of random connections that fluctuate all of the time.


              Not to mention how it promotes a real sense of community.

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                Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                Based on your reply, your understanding of rentable dedicated servers is from 'what you read'. This means you don't really have any experience with them or know exactly what they truly are or the benefits they provide.

                How would you know you wouldn't want them? Do you dislike food after reading about it? lol


                There is so much you can't understand.

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                  Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                  If it's a rentable dedicated server on COD: Ghosts it's likely to have the usual game server interface found on most rentable dedicated servers. It will have the list of servers for you to pick & choose to join if there's available slots remaining. It's likely well be rentable dedicated servers on PC & current/next gen consoles (except the Wii U) because of the clan war & matching feature on COD: Ghosts. Unless Activision found another another way for gamers in a clan to play as a group on the same dedicated server without going into the list of clan game servers then it's gonna be the traditional way. I'm guessing it's only the Wii U that's gonna be left out on rentable dedicated game servers. The Wii U still will have dedicated servers but I think it's going to be non-rentable & hybrid with an interface similar to P2P (like that of BO2) only this time it's not gonna be the gamers with the highest bandwidth hosting (P2) but a dedicated server run by Activision.

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                  Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                  I agree with you 100% The the makers of Ghosts are trying to make us PC gamers have a xbox experience when we game so I cancelled my order and will not buy this game until I see this in the PC version.


                  I think its all basic what we want as PC gamers  .....


                  1- Unlock fov and let us set it to what we want.


                  2-Unlock FPS and let our video card work


                  3- Let us pick the server we want to game on we are not console players we are PC


                  4- Make sure when you put in game settings resolution 5760 x1080 it works correct. as it never has yet in the two COD I tried it on lol.


                  5- Stop trying to make PC gamers play like a xbox.


                  6- make sure we can play in our game configs


                  7- servers allow us to rent and build our own Ghosts servers and let them be true ranked.

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                    Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                    Well i think matchmaking is better because i can play with my friends in a party...

                    On rented servers every time we were on oposite teams and wasnt as fun

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                      Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                      Rentable servers are far from a make or break feature for me. I just want a game that is fun to play, that's all. Things like rentable servers/mod tools while nice, will not sway my decision to purchase a game I think is going to be great fun. As far as I'm concerned things like that are just icing on the cake, but if you put delicious icing on a pile of ****, I don't want to eat it. I know the two aren't mutually exclusive, but I can enjoy a fun game without rentable servers/mod tools, I can't enjoy a boring or bad game that does have these kinds of features.

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                          Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                          amen my friend

                          Why arent there more people like you.

                          For me COD has been fun servers or no servers and now i think it will be even better with the ps4 and xbox one release the texture will be far far better and more features will be added

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                              Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                              Whilst I want Rentable Ranked Dedicated Servers, it actually is not going to stop me buying the game and I will be hitting the pre-order button later on today at some point.


                              I have played Call Of Duty, ever since the 1st one was released and I have played them on the PC and the Xbox 360/PS3, and to be honest the experience was pretty much the same however I am just a better player on the pc because, that is the platform I have played on for all my life really and that is where I built up what bit of skill I have.


                              I never had a issue really with the servers on MW2 and MW3, and that is mainly because I hosted the games most of the time because of my pc and my connection.


                              I can quite easily host a 32 player slot server on my pc and connection whilst playing the game, or I could load the server files on to my Media Server and run a 32 slot server on that if I wanted to as well as that has it's own 120Mb/12Mb Modem on it.


                              I personally prefer Call Of Duty to most games for multiplayer because of it being normally fast paced and smooth, however Black Op's 2 is the only COD game that I have not really had that much fun playing, and that is down to the servers.


                              If we get the same style server with Ghosts as we have now with Black Op's 2 and they work how they should then, there should not be a issue really since IW's netcoding is normally 10x better than Treyarchs.


                              If they also go down the route that they did with MW3 and make unranked dedicated servers available then fine, but they will need to do some sort of unlock system so that players who want to play on them actually feel like it's worth it, because that is the only reason I did not play on them on MW3 because everything was unlocked for me already, with me not getting any sort of reward for playing the game and getting a decent score etc.


                              I mean it cannot be that hard to implement 2 different ranking systems, one for the IWnet type servers and one for the Dedicated Servers.


                              Either way let's see what happens on launch day, because I have that week off work and I will be recording some videos and will get them uploaded on the same day.

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                            Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                            This is probably the least important problem facing COD, thanks for the advice tho.

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                              Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                              Algebra isn't fun.

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                                Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                                Ghosts PC will also have a server browser and rentable ranked servers after launch

                                Mark Rubin: "@Tintindye Matchmaking onto dedis. Hoping to add server browser and rent-able ranked server once we get through launch crunch. no info yet."

                                GHOSTS ONLINE CONNECTIVITY UPDATE: I wanted to give a quick update on some of the work that has been done to improve everyone’s online experience. We’ve already mentioned dedicated servers as part of the overall plan to improve connectivity. Dedicated servers will be used on current gen, next gen and PC with Ghosts. And, in order to make sure that people have the best possible experience regardless of platform, location or connection, Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible. There is also some great new tech in the matchmaking system that will place players in matches that have the best combined overall connectivity performance. Again these are just some of the things that are going into Call of Duty: Ghosts to give players a great online experience. Can’t wait to see you all online.”

                                Sources: IWMarkRubin's Twitter

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                                  Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                                  It really is amazing to me how many people are ok with it. It's not just about a feature. It's about control and your lack of it. The COD team is going to control every aspect of this game and you won't have s*** to say about it.


                                  • Do you wish there were more Hardcore game modes available?

                                  Good luck without control over dedicated servers since IW will create whatever playlists they want. This goes the same with any 'playlist'. Playlists are insulting IMO.


                                  • Want to play your favorite map?

                                  They'll tell you how to do that. Like the Nuketown pre-order that no one could play since they didn't give you a playlist lol Now they finally have a dedicated playlist for those who love the map, but the game types rotate between all available game types and it sucks.


                                  • Live somewhere where they are no servers provided by IW?

                                  Good luck. It's all listen servers for you and those just simply suck when it comes to gaming and competition.


                                  • You want to have competition? lol

                                  Just don't try to play people across geographical distances like East vs West coast. With dedicated servers you could use one in the middle of the two teams, but without them, you'll be forced to use listen servers where one team will ultimately be at a disadvantage due to host.


                                  • How to deal with foul mouthed idiots with attitudes?

                                  No worries, you won't have a choice but to deal with them. Without dedicated servers, you have no admins so your playing environment is up for grabs. If someone is spoiling your game, just leave the lobby and hope when you try to join a new one, it doesn't put you back in the same place. You won't have control to go somewhere specific.


                                  • You think they'll stop hackers? lol

                                  Hackers will always be around. Hacks will be available the first day the game is out just like Black Ops 2. And they did a reasonable job banning hackers, but bans don't happen right away. I want them banned immediately. Only a server admin can do that.


                                  I can go on, but really the thing is - rentable dedicated servers are about freedom and service. You have the freedom of choice and you have the service of a readily available server admin who have a vested interest in making sure your gaming experience is a good one. Servers that are configured in unpopular ways with jerk admins simply don't stay around.

                                  For those of you who can't see how important rentable dedicated servers are for PC, I'm getting the impression you really don't understand it.


                                  I pre-ordered my BF4 dedicated server and it'll go up on Tuesday when the game releases.

                                  BTW - I think IW is stringing us PC players along with their comments. They truly are a dishonest group of people coming from this franchise. They just want to get us to buy the game. I'll see it when I believe it.

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                                    Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                                    Let me just get this straight your argument is, I shouldn't waste my money buying a game that won't allow to me waste yet more money renting a private server?

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                                      Re: Don't waste your money, no rentable dedicated = No Buy

                                      Guys slow your roll! I cannot imagine PC or other consoles (except the Wii U) not getting rentable dedicated servers. It's hard to imagine also Activision running multiple game servers by themeselves & paying for the costs of those servers. The clan wars & matching features alone make it necessary to have rentable servers. Clan matches can be best organized by someone who has direct control of the dedicated servers to keep the slots open only to those members of the clan &/or punt non-clan members or keep the server close &/or clan members only (password access) during clan matches.

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