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    To Activision, IW and Nvidia Technical Partnership Teams

      http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/gamescom-2013-call-of-duty-ghosts-to-b e-enhanced-with-nvidia-txaa-and-nvidia

      WOW!!! Yet more great news, after the confirmation of dedi servers, this is even more music to us Hard Core PC gamers ears. And FINALLY Elite comes to the PC as well, not before time and wayyyyyy overdue! But much needed and wanted by the PC community. As an Nvidia fan boy this also makes my planned upgrades pre-release even more mouth watering.

      I'm also glad to see Team Green getting in on the Ghosts action too. Let's all hope for some cool Nvidia tweaks as I heard that there are no ports this time. As IW is developing for each platform individually, due to the differences in hardware specs. This confirms that theory and also wets the whistle for the most graphically superior experience, bad luck console cruncher's! Oh yes the PC finally gets some love - Thank You Activision, IW, Nvidia!!! :O)


      HOWEVER, I have an idea / request to the newly formed IW and Nvidia graphics team. How about creating an official Game Tweak tool? Either one that's part of the game, or a stand alone tweak tool? Something along the lines of this great tool would be ideal:-






      The MW2 CU was the best and added some really cool tweaks to the game. I'm sure the guru's at IW & NV could whip up something similar and add even more great features too. Here's some I would like to see added, feel free to add your own thoughts;


      1. Adjustable FOV.

      2. Unlimited FPS, or at least a high cap. (250 would be cool).

      3. Colored Cross Hairs/Hit markers, especially from Flash Bangs etc. (Green for friendlies, Red for enemies).

      4. Ping displayed in numbers and not bars.

      5. Custom graphics settings.

      6. Screen shot link to the players Elite account.

      7. You Tube link from in-game/Elite.


      By creating an in-house tool, this would stop some of the hackers creating third party tools and allow the dev's overall control of these permitted tweaks. So what do you say IW & Nviidia????