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        40. Re: Least used tactical!

        The Smoke Grenade comes in big in objective modes.

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          41. Re: Least used tactical!

          yovlud wrote:


          There is one tactical that nobody has mentioned and I am glad, I like being one of the very few to use them.

          trophy I know.

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            42. Re: Least used tactical!

            Sensor grenade is hands down the worst tactical in the game. I have been seeing players toss them around etc. yet I laugh as it's just a directional warning from the area it's thrown. Sensor comes flying my way, I sent C4 from origin of sensor grenade, +100.  Your teammates also cannot see the people the sensor designates ont he mini-map so you canno't get any assist points etc. from the usage of it. You are 100% better off using EMP nades to detect enemy whereabouts and also get assist points and hinder them for your own kills at the same time. Sensor grenade does a measly 15 damage up close but EMP nade does the same damage in larger radius and through walls. It that's not enough the sensor makes this chirping beeping noise and flashes lights like a strobe light. It's like throwing a beeping alarm on the ground for your enemy saying that you are close by. Lastly, map design works against sensor grenades in majority of areas. Small corridors and limited pathways are 90% of your engangements in BO2. Your line of sight for the sensor in the majority of the areas will be so small that it won't make a difference anyway. If it pulsed through walls, it may have a utility but since it doesn't it's just a flashing eye sore before you kill whoever threw it.


            Tac Inserts are actually mandatory for game modes like demolition. It is absolutely impossible to get B plant/detonate on Nuketown without them unless the enemy team is all afk or brain dead. Tacs also work for domination pretty well in defending taking the B flag. Just keep throwing your body at it until you get it lol.

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              43. Re: Least used tactical!

              Plus it pulses for seven seconds. I use them all the time. Mainly for small rooms because the explosion is radial. so if there's a couple or a crowd it's easier to get multi kill. It won't kill you but it starts on the damage. Making the hit indicator go off, making people look around distracted, and you bust in and get an easy multi kill (assuming more than one, in a room) But like someone said before me the laser points to people even if stealthy stuff is on. Sometimes I can tell when someone has something stealth on, they may not show up on mini map, put they still get lazed as you throw it. I use it all the time. But for those that aren't familiar with it. You throw it out it will laser opposing team as it flies by, even if they have stealth perks (based off who shows up in UAV) once it lands, it shows opposing team unless using cold blooded blocking the sensor from picking them up, as a red triangle showing your direction. it will wait for a few secs, then explode in a radial way small and greenish injuring near by people including the one who threw it, so timing is crucial. to give you a jump on shooting someone since they are injured. The explosion will also destroy shock charges if in range. after explosion it will continue to work for 7 seconds with a small delay between the person targeted on you mini map (so don't always trust the direction part of the triangle) it does update just every couple of secs no more than 7 I think. They are pretty useful in my opinion even if it is just your mini map. If you play in teams you can relay the info to others. But there are a few reasons to use them, but timing is crucial. they work best in fast paced, throw them out, get the info wait for 3 secs and run and gun. Takes some practice. I used to think they were useless until about a month ago, I figure I would let others know if they didn't

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                Oh best yet is it still works even after you die. so if you are a run and gun type it's pretty useful especially if you want to find the person who killed you.

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                  I have never used Tac Insert. My play style, and the small maps mean it is not useful for me in any way..

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                    No matter what people might think it works against coldblooded (when it lasers people) cold blooded only protects against showing up on mini map. So if you have used cold blooded and wondered how someone can find you it's because of sensor grenades. I have practiced with them for a while. It works against Ghost, Cold Blooded, and every other stealth perk. Just when it pulses cold blooded doesn't work. The sensor grenade is the best. I have confirmed for myself it does work against cold blooded and ghost. I have read other post where others don't agree but I know it for a fact as I have seen it lased then purposefully died and they had coldblooded on if they have ghost they are lit up like anyone else. Trophy system only causes them to be exploded quickier and they still work. So for anti ghost they work best, and coldblooded (if in the small range) they will get lased as it's thrown. My advice is practice in custom matches first because I passed on them in multiplayer thinking they were retarded and useless. Then I played custom to find out other stuff, map runs and such practice for league play. They work well for hard point headquarters and capture the flag. I use them a lot in league play (champions) series.

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                      I actually loved using the gas grenade in BO1 (Nova gas I think or is that W@W). Great way to keep people in buildings away from windows when running by.

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                        It is but on smaller maps the EMP nade is great at preventing spawn traps because of it's range.

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                          Willy Pete would cause minor damage to enemies, but the coverage wasn't fantastic.

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