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    my game won't save my progress??


      First of all sorry for my bad english, it isn't my native language.


      My game won't save my progress, it started the evening before the swap force update. and after a few minutes playing the app shuts down completely.

      and when I play ( in those sort few minutes ) I can't visit friends, go to the wishing well because then it stops instantly.


      I try-ed un-installing and re-installing the app several times, but that didn't work.

      I play on ipad mini with the latest software update.

           level                38   73.3%    

           skylanders      87         

           gems              3077    

           money            70.799.041

           energy            14.459.110

           cudo's            3.313

           Wish stones    1342

           friends            46


      What to do????????????????