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        20. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

        You dont always have to slow down and check corners all the time if you just use common sense. If the area you are going into has a lot of gunfire, you damn sure better check your corners. But if it doesnt and most of the gunfire is concentrated in a specific area you dont really have to check corners but you do want to check the corners that people are known for going to.


        Its all really just a common sense issue at this point.

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          21. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

          Don't worry campers will cry about all explosives saying they are op making them 900 hit kill after the first month of being noob tubed like they always do. Also what's the counter to the Sitrep Pro effect? Cause last time I checked it has no counter at all I think Blind Eye should nullify Amplify that way it has a counter itself. Also for people saying crouch walk if they re-vamped Black Ops 2's engine instead of their own crouch walking makes sound I tried it in Black Ops 2 and heard people crouch walk. If they are going to go through with Amplify then it should multiply the Flash Bang effect and Stun effect and it should not have a filter meaning you hear team mates and gun shots and explosives are twice as loud.  Or they can make it 5 points to use. I have no problem with people hearing foot steps but I do have a problem when it's a wall hack involving sound like in MW3. I think there should be a perk called See Amplify Users that way if someone is using that perk they are seen through the wall that way it's even if they do end up making it like MW3 then they should make a wall hack perk that sees them if they make it stronger then Black Ops 2's Awareness then I won't have a problem. If they choose to make it a wall hack involving sound then I have problem with it only being 2 points. If they keep it like it is well then all my classes are going to have Amplify and Dead Eye. All I am saying is it should either have a counter which would be another perk or crouch walking or it should be weaker then MW3's.

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            22. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

            Well, the thing is, all of that is dependent on the new game that no one knows about yet. All I am talking about is what IW did with MW3 and why they did it. Treyarch is different but who knows why they decided to make the crouch walk audible.


            I understand what you mean though. Unfortunately, the only way to really see is to wait until the game comes out.

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              23. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

              And I will quickscope you and make you cry see what I did there? I am not even a quickscoper lol. Also please refrain from the ADHD rusher insult cause that's offensive as hell it would be like me saying campers are slow and have down syndrome it's offensive to people who actually have that disorder and it has no business being in the forums. Also stop the chicken with it's head cut off insult it's old and because it would be like me saying that campers are like cows with no legs waiting for grass. On a serious note though there is no need to insult another play style.

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                24. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                maccabi wrote:

                r8edtripx wrote:


                Slowing down and checking every corner leads to slow-a55 game-play, which, IMO, sucks. I'll slow down and check EVERY corner if I ever come across a threat IRL, where I only have one life. (of course, this does NOT mean running around in COD like an idiot sans strategy and not checking ANY corners)

                I really dont get (and this isnt just directed at you) why everyone is running around now screaming the sky is going to fall. Its not like everyone is going to use the perk is it and imo its balanced you want to have an ADVANTAGE by being silent but then dont want people to be able to counter it if they CHOSE too

                The anti-camper in me doesn't like that campers can chill, sound-whore and not be surprised by the run-n-gunner, but yeah I don't think anyone needs to worry too much about this. The percentage of people taking full advantage of this will be low.


                I can't say it won't be annoying as all Fk, when a camper IS doing this, but I don't think it'll be enough to ruin the experience for me.

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                  25. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                  KTPhoenix wrote:


                  Its all really just a common sense issue at this point.

                  Yeah, pretty much.

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                    26. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this



                    ..because if you do, I'll be REAL ANGRY. SOOOO ANGRY that I'll come back and buy your game the next time you release..."

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                      27. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                      Problem is you missed the part about dead silence not working on amplify, which means dead silence only works against people without amplify and perhaps turtle beaches, ect. thus it kinda is pointless to have dead silence if it doesn't work against amplify, sit rep is fine, but dead silence needs to work against it

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                        28. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                        Problem with sit rep pro in MW3 was that foot steps were already really loud, so sit rep made them 10x louder. Sit Rep I think was supposed to negate Dead Silence, but not amplify, which I think is fair. However, with the loudness of the footsteps, it made Sit Rep OP in MW3. If they tone down the sound of footsteps, and have Amplify negate Dead Silence, then I think it would be fair.

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                          29. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                          Not having an actual consistently silent dead silence will cause more camping. DS encourages fast gameplay, because you're not automatically giving the sound awareness advantage to someone who just sits and doesn't make a noise.


                          And for the dude saying everything needs a counter, dead silence is a counter! It's there to counter sound whoring. If you think counters need counters, then give us something to counter amplify as well.


                          Oh well, it's painfully obvious from this thread the majority of this forum are casual cod developer **** suckers ready to slurp up whatever slow ass gameplay ideas they piss out. Keep working that ****, casual fan boy. After you get decent at this game, you'll suddenly understand concerns like this that pertain to fast and skill reliant gameplay.

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